Andrew Luck Workout

Andrew Luck is the most complete quarterback since Peyton Manning. Besides having great size, arm strength and pinpoint accuracy, Luck is one of the smartest quarterbacks we have ever seen. He has the ability to read defenses better than most quarterbacks. Besides being a great quarterback, Luck can workout with the best of them.

Luck starts his training routine with something known as the “World’s Greatest Dumbbell Warm-Up”. This is a taxing series of 7 back to back exercises…yes…7. Luck does 8 reps in each set. This workout emphasizes all the muscles in the body, specifically the back and shoulders. These muscles are responsible for a quarterback’s throwing power and durability so it’s important to really emphasize those muscle groups.

Let’s examine each of these exercises and their benefits:

The Upright Row is a great exercise to hit the deltoid muscles of the shoulders and traps. It really helps build up the entire frame of the deltoid and can add size to the shoulders.

Hang Snatch- This is more of a full body workout and helps improve explosiveness and coordination. You’re using your whole body, especially your legs, shoulders, and core to snatch the weight over your head. This is a great workout to really utilize those fast twitch muscle fibers.

Squat Press- The squat is one of the most effective leg workouts. It hits every muscle in the legs and provides that solid base for the rest of your body. As a football player, training legs is essential. All the power originates from the core and legs and the squats are responsible for much of your power. With the squat press, you are doing a squat and then going right to an overhead press, which will hit your upper body muscles, specifically the shoulders. This is another full body workout that will really tax all the muscles.

Bent Over Row- This is a great workout to hit the lats and middle and upper back. You’re also using your biceps and shoulders. It’s a great exercise to improve posture and rounded shoulders.

Curl to Press- This workout works the biceps and shoulders. You’re doing more of a hammer curl in this exercise, which places more emphasis on your biceps long head than doing traditional curls. The shoulder press hits the shoulder and deltoids. Another great upper body workout.

Upright Row- This is a great exercise to hit the deltoid muscles of the shoulders and traps. It really helps build up the entire frame of the deltoid and can add size to the shoulders.

Lateral Raise- This is an excellent way to build strength and muscle in your shoulders and, more specifically, your side deltoids.

To make the most of this routine, rest 90 seconds and repeat the circuit. You should do this first in your workouts to really get all the muscles warm and to train every muscle group thoroughly. This is a great first exercise for any athlete, which is why a superstar NFL player like Luck does this.

Besides being a hard worker, Luck is naturally gifted. He recorded a 36″ vertical jump and a position best 10’4″ broad jump. He ran the 40 yard dash in 4.67 seconds, which is extremely impressive considering he is 6’4 and 234 lbs. The future is very bright for Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.



Note: This is only part of Andrew Luck’s workout routine, in which we offer some additional commentary to his regimen. To see the whole routine and to go more in-depth with athlete workouts, be sure to check out STACK Magazine

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