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Most Jacked Celebrities Actors: Part 2

Most Jacked Celebrities Actors: Part 2


Here is the list of the most jacked, ripped, cut, shredded, strongest, and lean musclar celebrities actors in the world along with their workouts, meal plan diets, and shirtless pictures. These guys have the best bodies with the biggest arms and the best set of six pack abs in Hollywood. We searched endlessly for their workouts and meal plans both in text form and in video. We list Muscle Prodigy's version of the Top 50 Most Ripped and Muscular Celebrity Actors. Be sure to check out The 10 Most Jacked NFL Football Players, The Most Jacked Athletes, The Most Jacked Boxers, The Most Jacked MMA Fighters, The Most Jacked WWE Stars, The 10 Most Jacked Rappers, and The 10 Most Jacked NBA Basketball Players for more of these types of lists.

Below is Part 2 of the Top 50 Jacked Celebs. Be sure to check out Part 1, Part 3, Part 4, and Part 5.







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This product is not endorsed by any of the celebrities featured on this page


Daniel Craig
Height: 5’10"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Craig's circuit routine helped him burn off additional bodyfat and
keep him in great shape.

Daniel Craig workout routine focuses on a comprehensive training routine that works out his entire body. He is a true muscle man and it's no wonder why all the girls have a special affinity for James Bond and his abs when he takes his shirt off.

Daniel Craig's workout training routine provides this new 007 with endurance, speed, strength but doesn't give him unsightly size and bulk. "I needed to get as fit as I possibly could [for Quantum of Solace]," Craig told the British press at the time. "Although I was big and muscled last time, I was actually not as fit as I am now."

As provided by Men's Health, every Monday he performs a full-body power circuit and then the rest of the week he hits every body part including chest, back, shoulders, arms, and legs.

Monday- Full Body: Perform 3 total sets of the circuit, 10 reps of each exercise
Clean and Press
Weighted Knee Raise
Weighted Situps
Incline Pushup
Triceps Dip

Tuesday- Chest and Back: Perform 4 total sets of the circuit, 10 reps of each exercise
Incline Bench Press
Incline Pushup
Incline Pec Flys

Wednesday- Legs: Perform 4 total sets of the circuit, 10 reps of each exercise
Straight-Leg Deadlift
Hamstring Curl
Weighted Lunge

Thursday- Shoulders and Arms: Perform 4 total sets of the circuit, 10 reps of each exercise
Incline Biceps Curls
Triceps Dips
Lateral Raises
Shoulder Press

Friday- Full Body: Perform 3 total sets of the circuit, 10 reps of each exercise
Clean and Press
Weighted Knee Raise
Weighted Situps
Incline Pushup
Triceps Dips

Stretching and easy cardio


Daniel Craig's diet consists of 3 meals and 2 snacks per day. He also makes sure that he has a post-workout snack to refuel his glycogen and replenish his muscles with much needed nutrition. He drinks 2 liters of water each day along with 2 pieces of fruit. He avoids simple refined carbs after 5 pm.

A typical day looks like this:
Breakfast: 2 Poached Eggs, 2 Pieces of Whole Wheat Toast
Snack: Protein Shake with fruit
Lunch: Meat/Fish with Brown Rice or a Baked Potato
Snack: Protein Shake or Yogurt with Nuts
Dinner: Meat or Fish with green vegetables like salad, spinach, or broccoli

On a more energetic note, Craig made sure he didn't restrict himself too much allowing to drink alcoholic beverages on Fridays and Saturdays.


Our Take:
Craig does a lot of compound exercises in his routine, doing exercises like the clean and press, dip, and squat, among others. Compound movements are exercises that work several different muscles and joints at the same time. Compound exercises engage the largest and strongest muscles of the body. As a result, they provide the largest muscle gains and stimulate the release of testosterone and growth hormones. They are the best types of exercises to build lean muscle mass. Isolation exercises have their benefits too, especially when it comes to muscular definition, but compound exercises should be done more often in most routines. He also devotes two full days to stretching. Keeping your muscles and joints loose and flexible are very important when it comes to fighting off injury. In terms of his diet, 
Craig gets an ideal amount of nutrients, especially when it comes to his protein. He definitely has enough protein in his diet to recover and build his muscles up from his vigorous workout.

Robert Downey Jr
Height: 5’8"
Weight: 175 lbs.

Many people wouldn't believe Downey is ripped. I think this picture proves otherwise...

Robert Downey Jr. truly is what his role depicts: an Iron Man. His physique is among the best for his age. Before filming for Iron Man, he engaged in a rigorous fitness regimen under trainer Brad Bose. Through intense cardio, weights and martial arts training he transformed his body, gaining more than 20 pounds of muscle over five months. Robert Downey Jr. worked out with weights five days per week for about 90 minutes per session, doing a split bodypart routine (back, legs, chest, shoulders, arms). Jacobs also made sure he did rigorous cardio training on the Jacob's ladder. He also used what's called The Pineapple, which is a hybrid between a vibration plate and a Swiss Ball. Downey boasted an awesome lean physique in Iron Man, Iron Man 2, and Sherlock Holmes (pictured above). 

Downey Jr.'s diet consisted at 2500 to 3200 calories a day, mainly of a high protein diet.

Our Take: 
Since Downey does a split bodypart routine, he works individual muscles on each training day. Not only can you put more emphasis on the muscle, but you can actually work a muscle group more during the week. For example, working chest on one day really hits the triceps and shoulders. If you do chest, triceps, and shoulders in one day all together, you won't really hit them as frequently.



Justin Hartley
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 200 lbs.

Even with a lack of gym time, Hartley knew how to keep in great shape.

Justin Hartley turned some heads on his hit show Smallville when he showed off his physique. Justin Hartley's workout training routine consisted of very little actually. Hartley is not a fan of lifting weights or boring cardio, so one way he avoided burnout was to spend as little time in the gym as possible. Here are four tips that Hartley suggested in Men's Health magazine:

1) Combine systems- use a variety of dumbbells, barbells, machines and cables.
2) Focus on cardio if you're burned out from lifting weights or vice versa.
3) Vary your workout time to go in the a.m., p.m. or afternoon to give you an energy boost
4) Eat better and provide variety to your meals

Our Take: 
Hartley had a great physique so he certainly knew how to utilize his lack of gym time efficiently. It's good to follow a combine system, in which you use a variety of dumbbells, barbells, machines and cables. It's all about variety to build muscle and to stimulate your muscle fibers in different ways. Going to the gym at the same time every day can be boring and be less motivating. Sometimes it's good to switch up the time and see how your body responds.

Channing Tatum
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200 lbs.

This guy is super lean for a reason. He does a lot of calithenic
workouts and maintains healthy eating habits.

Channing Tatum's workout routine focused on getting in shape for his movie role in Fighting, in which he played a street fighter. He needed to look and act the part of a professional fighter so Tatum went through a lot of vigorous training to build a ripped body, achieving six pack abs and a lean muscle physique that a fighter typically has. When the guy goes shirtless in the movie, you can see how ripped he got for the movie. Tatum safely lost over 30 pounds in 3 weeks prior to the start of filming.

Tatum did a 3 day on 1 day off cycle. Each session consisted of high intensity, calisthenic based full body workouts lasting no more than 30 minutes each. Tatum didn’t use any machines but rather focused on dumbbells, a medicine ball, and a jump rope.

Channing changed around his routine so that he wouldn’t go through muscular adaptation that would halt his muscle growth. Tatum never wanted to plateau but rather to consistently change around his routine.  Tatum would do a 3 day cycle hitting every major muscle group but without any isolation movements.

Channing Tatum Workout:

Day 1 - 5 sets done as fast as possible of: 10 pull-ups, 30 kettlebell swings, and 50 walking lunge steps.

Day 2 - 7 sets done as fast as possible of: 150 rope skips and 15 clean and jerks.

Day 3 - 3 sets done as fast as possible of: 100 mountain climbers, 75 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and 25 box jumps.

In terms of his diet, Tatum eats very healthy to keep his body fat levels low and his body lean. Channing’s most physically demanding part of his day was in the morning for his fight workout and his typical resistance and cardiovascular training. Therefore, he would consume the majority of his fruits and carbohydrates at this time. The rest of his meals and snack for the deal consisted of lean protein sources, veggies, nuts, and select dairy products.

Tatum is a rising Hollywood star and will sure appear in more movies that will showcase his physique and athletic ability.

Our Take:
Tatum relies on full body workouts. They are a great way to consistently hit the same muscle groups more than once a week, leading to more muscular stimulation since you are hitting the same muscles more frequently. However, you should make sure you aren't overtraining and training the same muscle group too soon. We recommend training the same muscle group once or twice a week. It ultimately depends on how hard you train and the stimulation that occurs. In addition, Tatum relied heavily on dumbbells. Dumbbells provide a greater range of motion in comparison to barbells or machines. They help to recruit more muscle fibers and can lead to quicker muscular growth. 

Will Smith
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 200 lbs.

The hardest working man in Hollywood may also be the hardest working man in the gym. He did a lot of cardio
workouts to keep off the weight and also focused on pyramid training to really build some added strength.


Will Smith is the hardest working man in Hollywood. Period. Just look at his body in I am Legend. Will Smith worked his tail off to get to where he was. Whether it was endless acting lessons to land a role, taking singing lessons to drop an album, or getting in the gym to improve his body and outlook on life, Will would do whatever it took and then some. Smith is an inspirational figure and one who spits out motivational quote after motivational quote. Just take a look here:

"I will not be outworked. Period," Smith says . "You might have more talent than me, you might be smarter than me, you might be sexier than me, you might be all of those things. You got it on me in nine categories. But if we get on the treadmill together, there's two things: You're getting off first, or I'm gonna die. It's really that simple." To get ready for films
I, Robot and Ali he used boxing and celebrity personal trainer Darrell Foster. Foster, is a real boxing coach having trained the likes of "Sugar Ray Leonard" for 18 years. It proved to work very well, making his physique emulate Ali's pretty much to a T. 

To quote Will Smith himself  “I consider myself to be of basically average talent, right? What I have that other people do not have is a sick, obsessive, raw animal drive.” The Will Smith workout for Ali was designed to beef up the skinny actor. For that role Smith went from 185 pounds to a rock hard 220 pounds of muscle. To get ready for this film he started training 12 months before filming began. Will Smith's workout training routine looked something such as the following:

* Run 5 Miles a Day Six Days per Week, first thing in the morning (Will likes to listen to audio books during his runs)

* He Did His Weight Training Routine around 5 PM

* He Performed Weightlifting or Resistance Training Five Days per Week

* Will Smith Trained Two Body Parts per Workout

Darrell Foster likes to use a pyramid training routine where he starts light and goes heavy and then goes back to lighter weights for each exercise. At the end of his training with Foster, Will Smith was able to finish off his chest workout by bench pressing 315 pounds for two sets of five reps, then he would grab 135 pounds and bench until failure!

Will's body type is whats known as Ectomorph stating, “I have a much easier time losing weight than putting weight on.” Smith does have a tendency towards sweets and Darrell Foster allowed him to enjoy himself by providing a way for him to eat them during the week, yet still stay in shape. Will Smith follows a high protein low carbohydrate diet. To get that shrink wrap hypertonic look, Foster would have him eat asparagus (this vegetable acts a diuretic, extracting water from the body) and drink dandelion tea (dandelion tea is a natural diuretic). These little tricks brought Will Smith down to 6% body fat and in better shape than he has been before.

Our Take: 
Audio books during his run? There's a reason he is one of the smartest actors in Hollywood; he listens to books when he runs! In terms of his workout, he trained five days a week and did two body parts each workout. This surely gave him enough muscular stimulation. The fact that he gives himself two off days is good because he is able to recover and build up his body. His pyramid training routine is a very effective workout because it really builds up strength and helps prevent injury. Many injuries occur because people don't properly warm-up. For example, if you are bench-pressing 225 lbs., you should warm up with weights of 85, 135, 185 and 200 lbs. before repping out 225 lbs. It's more to get your muscles adapted to the trauma that will be placed on it and to get the blood flow going. A pyramid routine accomplishes this and you are able to go progressively heavier to the point where your muscle is really warmed up and trained.

Josh Hopkins
Height: 6’2"
Weight: 195 lbs.

Hopkins' reliance on high intensity training helped him keep a very lean body type.

Josh Hopkins, star of ABC's hit show Cougar Town, has a workout routine that consists of overall functional training to build muscle mass, yet stay incredibly lean. At the age of 40, Hopkins still hits the gym hard, but has changed his approach from his younger years due to his age. In an interview with Men's FItness, Hopkins said, "I experienced the same thing when I turned 30. I woke up, and both knees hurt." So now, the hit TV actor has aged gracefully by switching his routine from heavy lifting, sprints, and plyometrics to overall functional training that is easier on his joints.

Hopkins trainer, O'Neil Cespedes says "Everything he does now simulates everyday movements". Hopkins says he is "naturally more muscular than skinny", but that means he has "to do a lot of cardio keep [his] heart rate up" and burning fat. However, Hopkins does not do your average 40 year old cardio routine of taking a slow jog in the park for 40 minutes. No, Hopkins says "I wasn't really good at it. It was frustrating to be out on a jog with all my friends and not be able to keep up". Hopkins has the right idea though because steady state cardio is not only ineffective at fat-burning, long runs take its toll on your joints. Instead, Josh likes a high intensity routine and often plays sports to get his cardio in. Hopkins likes to hit the boxing bag to get his cardio in. Cespedes says, "Josh used to train with Freddie Roach and is probably, hands down, the hardest puncher I've ever held pads for." Hopkins incorporates traditional and Thai boxing strikes into his routine.

As for weights, Hopkins likes to train 3 days a week. In order to keep his heart rate up and burn a lot of fat within those workouts, hopkins does a lot of straight supersets so that he can constantly burn calories. "I can get fat pretty quickly", Hopkins adds, if he sits around and doesn't go high intensity throughout the week. In addition, Hopkins likes to jump on the treadmill or elliptical for 45 minutes during set if he isn't satisfied with what his physique looks like. A weight routine that Hopkins does is below, consisting of a circuit that includes one exercise right after the next without any rest in between each exercise. After he's done with the 6 exercises below, he rests for four minutes, and then repeats the circuit 2 more times.

Our Take: Hopkins really took advantage of high intensity training. Short, intense periods of exercise cause the body’s metabolism to rise, level out and perform at peak operation. A higher, regulated metabolism means your body will efficiently burn calories and fat, efficiently utilize important body excretions such as insulin and properly consume and utilize nutrients. The bottom line is that you reach maximum health and conditioning in a short period of time.

Hulk Hogan
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 300 lbs.


Hulk Hogan had some of the best arms among celebrities. His big focus on compound movements
helped him build lean muscle mass. 



Hulk Hogan is the "Michael Jordan" of professional wrestling. He achieved mainstream popularity in the mid 1980s through the early 1990s as the all-American, working-class hero, known as "Hulk Hogan" in the WWF (later becoming the WWE). In the mid 1990s he became the villainous NWO leader "Hollywood" Hogan in the WCW. He is credited with bringing wrestling into mainstream culture. Hogan is currently signed to Total Nonstop Action Wrestling (TNA) and has done his fair share of acting. He had a lead role in The Nanny, played a large part in Rocky III and has his own hit reality TV show called "Hogan Knows Best". Hulk Hogan works out heavily with weights and even has a full workout facility in his own home. Hulk does a lot of compound exercises that work on multiple muscles at once such as the squat, bench press, clean and jerk, leg press, deadlift, and pull-ups. He works out very intensely and makes sure to keep his rest periods to a minimum so he keeps his heart rate up and maintains that lean look. Hulk Hogan still drinks raw eggs in a gulp for breakfast before working out at his gym every morning. 

Our Take:
 With a huge emphasis on compound movements, Hogan is really able to build up his body. 
Doing compound movements is the best way to build muscle mass because it incorporates more of a full body workout since you are hitting multiple muscle groups at once. Your entire body is under constant stress and muscle growth is more likely to occur.

Bill Goldberg
Height: 6’4"
Weight: 285 lbs.

Goldberg liked to switch around his workouts on a daily basis which helped
shock his muscles to new growth. 

Bill Goldberg was one of the most dominating wrestlers of all-time. He is famous for holding the record for the largest undefeated winning streak in professional wrestling at 173 wins. He is the first man to hold both the WCW and WWE incarnations of the Big Gold Belt. He retired from wrestling in 2004 and switched into acting. He starred in hit movie Universal Soldier 2 w/ Jean Claude Van Damme and is currently hosting a television show Garage Mahal on the DIY Network.

Goldberg is so dedicated to training that he built a 2,500 square foot gym above his garage and he gets in there at 5:30 AM. Rather than the intense heavy lifting that sported him an NFL and WWE body, he now performs maintenance-type routines. Goldberg performs explosive movements such as Olympic snatches, deadlifts, and squats but uses much less weight now than he did. "I can get the same workout in with 80 lb. dumbbells now", Goldberg says in referring to his 400 pound bench press days. Goldberg is big on muscular confusion and goes into the gym with a new plan every day. in addition to weights, Goldberg performs kickboxing and does a lot of stretching. Goldberg says "a longer muscle is a stronger muscle". 

Goldberg's diet is high in protein and low in fat. He eats 12 egg whites and one yolk for breakfast along with half a pound of turkey bacon. To burn fat throughout the day, he has half a pot of coffee a day. He drinks up to 15 bottles of water a day and always makes sure to get a good night's sleep. If he doesn't get in enough sleep, then he makes sure to take naps throughout the day.

Our Take: It's important to switch around your routines and bring variety. The fact that Goldberg goes to the gym with a new plan every day is an effective way to pack on the muscle. Your body adapts to a stimulus placed on it. For example, if you do dips every single week, your body will be so used to that movement that it won't stimulate it enough. It's good to switch it up. Also, form should always take precedent over weight. Goldberg recognizes that he can get the same type of workout with less weight, so long as he focuses on squeezing the muscle and really keeping his form paramount. 


LL Cool J
Height: 6’3"
Weight: 215 lbs.

LL Cool J doesn't find a lot of time to workout due to his demanding
schedule. However, he is all about making the most of his time. Just
look at how great of shape he is in. If he can do it then you can
certainly do it.

LL Cool J is known for his music and acting ability but he may be equally known for his ripped and muscular physique and workout routine. He's got huge arms and ripped abs. LL Cool J offered his exercise secrets in his book called LL Cool J’s Platinum Workout. LL Cool J offers four different workouts for men and one for women along with meal plans and motivational advice. The workouts follow a linear pattern allowing you to build strength and muscle over several weeks. The workout programs are divided into 4 phases, the Bronze Body (for beginners) and the Silver Body, Gold Body and Platinum Body (for more experienced levels). LL Cool J has experienced all of those workouts throughout his life; he mainly focuses on the “Platinum Body” approach.  LL Cool J’s 45-minute workout starts with his personal trainer of over 5 years, Scott Honig. The workout plan was born during LL’s concert tours. The pair would hop out of the tour bus and use whatever they could to workout with. For example, the two went on a football field and did wind sprints followed by pull-ups off a goalpost. Cool J has a simple approach: the harder you work in a shorter amount of time, the more calories you burn. LL Cool J continually switches up his routine, usually mixing in cardiovascular training with weight training.

Our Take: You don't need to be in the gym every single day to see results. It's more about consistency. LL Cool J can has a schedule that is crazier than 99.9% of people and he looks better than 99.9% of people. There's a reason for that. Consistency is key.


Cam Gigandet
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 180 lbs.

Cam's reliance on high repetitions helped him build muscular
endurance and to keep his body from packing on additional mass.

Cam Gigandet might have one of the perfect bodies in terms of what a girl is looking for. Chiseled, lean, and muscular but without bulk. In a poor attempt at recreating Fight Club, the Twilight star got girls jumping out of their chairs in Never Back Down by coming through with an unbelievably ripped body. Gigandet was a reported 3% body fat for the role. Cam Gigandet's workout training routine for Never Back Down was as follows (weights included): 

Monday – Chest
25 push ups
Nautilus press 45, 55, 65
Nautilus incline press 55, 65, 70
Pec deck machine 40, 45, 50

Tuesday – Back

Pull ups
Seated rows 75, 80, 85
Lat pull downs 85, 90, 95
T- bar rows 50, 55, 60

Wednesday – Shoulders
Arnold press 35, 35, 35
laterals 15, 15, 15
front raises 10, 10, 10

Thursday – Biceps & Triceps

nautilus curl machine 20, 25, 30
Ez curls cable 30, 35, 40
hammer curls 15, 20, 25
push downs 50, 55, 60

Treadmill 45 minutes 65-75% MHR

Saturday & Sunday- Off

Cam did 20-30 reps on all exercises to make him appear more cut.

As for his diet, Cam Gigandet had four protein packed meals per day and incorporated these foods into his diet to get that “cut” physique:

    * Spinach
    * Broccoli
    * Berries
    * Almonds
    * Eggs
    * Meat


Our Take: He did a solid mixture of both compound and isolation workouts to stimulate his muscles in different ways. As it seems, he doesn't do the most fundamental workouts (squats, deadlifts, barbell bench press) but he certainly has the body to show regardless. He did such high reps to really build up his muscular endurance. He ate super healthy to really contribute to his lean physique. 






Adapted from a compilation of YouTube clips, documentaries, forums, interviews and/or features










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