Workout Partners Make Exercise More Worthwhile

Have you ever worked out with a friend? If you tend to keep to yourself at the gym, you could be missing out on some major benefits of working out with someone by your side. Here’s why workout partners make exercise more worthwhile.


Holding yourself accountable for getting to the gym when you say you will is doable, but it becomes much easier when you have someone else around to help talk down your excuses. You don’t want to let a friend down, so you’ll likely make it to the gym tomorrow even if you’d rather stay home. It also helps to have someone near you to encourage you to push yourself a little bit. You can act as that same kind of motivator for your workout partner as well.


Working out by yourself, unless you’re paying too close attention to the other people at the gym, you don’t really have a way of measuring whether you’re training as hard as you can or not. With a workout partner, you can more easily tell if you’re slacking or overdoing it. There’s also that tiny hint of determination that comes along with working out next to someone. You want to show off a little. This is especially the case if you’re naturally a competitive person: you don’t want to look slow or weak compared to the guy next to you, do you?

workout partners


Probably one of the most beneficial things about working out with someone else is that you’re both available in the same place at the same time to help each other improve. A friend might tell you what you’re not quite getting right or how you can perform a specific move a little bit better, but they can also encourage you to reach your fitness training goals. You can do the same for them. Workout partners are free, aren’t afraid to be honest, and aren’t going to hold back when you need someone in your face reminding you that you can do better.

If you can, find someone – a friend, family member or even your significant other – who will  hit the gym with you a few times a week. Working out with someone else provides a new level of motivation and determination for improving both of your workouts. Reach your goals, push your limits and have a total blast while working out together.



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