Woman Pukes While Performing Deadlift

Weight lifting can take a lot out of you. When you are strength training with heavy weights nearing your max or even at your current max, you are exerting a ton of force on your body, sometimes causing your body to naturally take over and respond accordingly to biology.

You might fart. You might burp. And maybe, this might happen:

Poor girl.

The amazing thing is? She kept going like the champ she is! She stayed true to her determination and her thirst for doing her best by continuing the exercise and completing it to its entirety, despite the brief obstacle that spewed out in the process.

To the woman, keep doing your awesome hard work!

And keep up your amazing work too!


MP’s Take: We are all human. We perform bodily functions and make bodily fluids on a daily basis. When we are in the gym and when we are exercising and working out, we are using our bodies. We are sweating, breathing heavy, working hard, using a ton of force. Sometimes things slip. Sometimes accidents happen. This is nothing to be ashamed of; remember, we are all human with natural processes. If something happens, don’t be ashamed of it. Laugh it off and keep going, cleaning it up if needed. And if this happens to other people? Don’t ridicule or judge. We are all human and we all do the same thing. Don’t make fun of someone else because it could be you!

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