Why the MP45 Program is Better for Serious Athletes

If you want to perform at a competitive and winning level in any sport then you need to train your mind and body to reach heights necessary to beat the competition. Having an aesthetically pleasing body is great for the beach, but competing against athletes who are stronger, faster and more agile than you will get you defeated in competition as well as in your mind.

Multi-faceted sessions of weight training for strength and cardio training for speed, endurance, flexibility and plyometrics are both necessary for athletic performance. Using resistance bands in home workouts, such as is the case with the P90X program, may add a dimension to your sports training program, but it alone will not provide you with the winning qualities necessary for serious athletic performance.

The MP45 program addresses all the areas that you need in order to get ripped fast and elevate your athletic performance to the next level. That’s because the MP45 creator, Jaret Grossman, is an All-American wrestler who has successfully used the techniques of the program to reach his competitive goals. Many athletes have put Jaret’s training techniques to use since he published MP45.

Here are the scientific reasons why the MP45 program provides better results than P90X:

Weight Training Vs Resistance Bands

Resistance bands limit your ability to produce new muscle growth because muscle mass is obtained by breaking down muscle fibers during a workout. Then using a good diet, key supplements, and adequate rest can repair and grow stronger. Exercise bands do not allow for the development of necessary strength that lifting greater amounts of weight do.

Some of the most important exercises, such as squats, lunges, and deadlifts, should be performed with heavy weights in order to stimulate the body and produce higher levels of certain hormones.  Testosterone provides the proper anabolic environment for maximum muscle mass accumulation, and is one of those hormones that increases in production at a greater rate when lifting weights compared to using resistance bands.

The increased metabolic process achieved through high intensity weight training also works to burn more body fat in two essential ways. Firstly, the higher you elevate your metabolism through intense workouts, the more fat you will burn during and after the workout. Secondly, compared to other tissues, muscle tissue requires greater amounts of oxygen, nutrients and fuel to perform. Since more muscle mass can be acquired through weight training than fitness tube exercises, more energy from fat stores will be used under weight training conditions, thus dropping your body fat levels a faster rate.

Cardiovascular Training Vs Resistance Bands

A large degree of endurance is achieved through cardio training which works to strengthen your heart and expand your lungs, both of which increase the blood and oxygen and nutrient levels throughout your body. This is a key ingredient in a successful athlete and one which P90X resistance band home workouts cannot provide.

In order to achieve cardiovascular endurance, you need to elevate your heart rate and breathing for a consistent period of at least 20 to 30 minutes. The MP45 program accomplishes this through sprinting and other cardiovascular training techniques coined by Jaret Grossman as High Intensity Stimulation Training. H.I.S.T. employs exercise tactics which take your body to failure and supply it with the proper macronutrients. This process produces rapid muscle mass as well greater speed and endurance.

MP45: Complete Athletic Package

When it comes to achieving complete fitness and a chiseled physique in the fastest amount of time, the MP45 program, specifically designed for the gym, is a complete package. Not only do you benefit from high intensity exercise routines, but you also get complete chapters on general nutrition and training. Learn how to eliminate body fat, overcome plateaus,achieve proper anabolic hormonal balance, and much much more.

When you finish your 45 day program, you will be in the best shape of your life as well as have the knowledge to maintain your new body for a lifetime. In other words, you get lasting knowledge on top of physical results with MP45.The P90X at home resistance band program may give you a certain level of fitness results, but it merely has you mimmicking movements from your living room without retaining any knowledge for the future.

If you want a program that is well-rounded with proven results, try the MP45 program today and share your results with Muscle Prodigy.

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