Why Giving Up Alcohol Will Change Your Life

Sure, we all love a good drink every now and then, but is it really worth it?

A recent study published by the journal Health Psychology followed 857 men and women from Britain who pledged to participate in “Dry January,” a month of going alcohol-free. The research was conducted to better understand the health effects of people who gave up alcohol along with the impact it would have on future alcohol consumption.

Check out the video below featuring the staggering results from the study:

As mentioned in the clip, additional studies have found similar results. Even for low to moderate alcohol consumers, the positive benefits for going without alcohol can remain the same.


MP’s Take: This is powerful evidence leading to another of the many reasons why you should stop drinking. You will be amazed at how much better you feel when you say no to alcohol; your body will thank you. This process of giving up alcohol can be hard to do, so if you find it difficult, it is best to start with baby steps. Create a goal to stop drinking by a certain date and stick to that goal, slowly weaning yourself away from alcohol and instead toward healthier options, like water.

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