Tuna Fish- The Perfect Bodybuilding Food

Tuna fish is the perfect meal for anyone looking to build lean muscle. Not only is it inexpensive and very convenient to eat compared to other foods, but it’s high in protein with little to no carbohydrates and fat. Tuna fish contains the amino acids your body uses to create muscle tissue. A 4 oz serving of tuna provides nearly 34 grams of protein, which is 10 grams more than one scoop of whey protein supplement powder. Although carbohydrates are needed for energy, they can be detrimental for losing weight. Often times, carbohydrates are empty calories. Also, reducing carbohydrates can limit the amount of insulin your body releases. This is important because insulin helps store fat. Lastly, you’re more likely to burn fat for fuel when you limit your carbohydrate intake. Even though tuna fish has no fat, it provides omega-3 fatty acids, which helps improve heart health. Studies have also shown that omega-3’s can help increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. Tuna fish is really the best bodybuilding food.

If you’re planning on eating tuna, stick with tuna in water. Tuna in oil has more fat and calories. Also, eating a lot of oily foods can give you oily skin. If you can’t eat straight tuna then mix it with fat-free mayonnaise or honey mustard. Let’s examine three ways to eat your tuna:


1) Plain- Just eat cold tuna straight out of the can or put it in a container and heat it up.

2) Tuna Sandwich- Put tuna on whole wheat bread and add lettuce, tomato and whatever vegetable you prefer. Add some pepper for some spice.

3) Tuna Salad- Make a salad by adding lettuce, peppers, carrots, cucumbers, whatever you want. Add some tuna to give it a protein-packed meal.


Tuna really is the perfect bodybuilder’s food. Even though tuna has so many benefits, you need to limit the amount of tuna you eat due to potential high levels of mercury. Have no more than 1-2 cans of tuna a few times a week and you’ll have all the necessary protein and nutrients to really build your body up the right way.

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