Try Flywheel for the Best Cycling Class Workout

I had the opportunity to try Flywheel for the first time. Being an avid weight lifter, runner and swimmer, I never thought I could get a vigorous workout doing a cycling class. I saw biking as more of leisure than an actual workout. I was surely wrong!

I went to Flywheel in Chicago for a 45 minute intensive class. The studios are set up with stadium-style seating, so you have a perfect view of the instructor and the rest of the class on any bike. The spin room is dark, with only the instructor and your bike’s display screen illuminated. That way you are focused more on the workout and not everyone else around you. During your workout, you listen to popular and motivational music, making your workout more enjoyable and easier to push yourself. I even find myself peddling to the beats and really feel the music. Throughout the workout you are challenged with different speeds and resistances, mixing up sprint intervals with slow climbs, designed to build endurance and muscle while torching the fat. This is why so many cyclists are lean because they are constantly changing their speeds and resistances, the basis for high intensity interval training. Studies have shown that high intensity interval training can burn 9X more fat than traditional steady state cardio.

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Thank you to Lisa and the rest of the Flywheel Chicago staff for the incredible class!

The torque board is what makes Flywheel different from all the other spin studios. Every cyclist gets a score with their performance, which bring out friendly competition and motivates you to perform better. Every bike has a torque meter, which is basically a power gage that estimates how much effort you’re actually exerting based on the level of resistance and how fast you move your legs. You have the option of making your score public on the torque board, a scoreboard at the front of the class that the instructor occasionally lights up so people can see and compare their scores. You also have the option to keep your score private. This is one of my favorite parts of the class. I am a very competitive person and want to be the best in the class and improve my score each and every class. It’s more of a competition against myself than anyone else. It also feels good to beat others, I am not going to lie! You can also track your progress online privately and will measure each ride with your RPMs, torq, speed, distance, power and estimated calories burned.

If you’re looking for an awesome workout, I would definitely recommend Flywheel. You get your first class free so give it a try!


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