Trainer Gains 70 Pounds to Inspire Client

Talk about dedication!

Personal Trainer Adonis Hill recently gained 70 pounds in a matter of three months to then work with one of his clients to lose weight together. His client Alissa had a goal to shred fat and weight in a few months time, so Adonis decided to join her by empowering her, exercising together alongside her with their mutual goals.

The duo was able to reach their weight loss goals through intense exercise and healthy eating in four months. Alissa lost 58 pounds while Adonis lost 57.

The controversial experiment was documented for the reality TV show “Fit to Fat to Fit.”


MP’s Take: This method of client support is controversial because it is not safe. Even if a trainer, or anyone for that matter, begins “fit” then gains rapid weight to lose it again, you are putting your body in danger. Likely, your blood pressure will increase and you could proliferate plaque buildup in the cells. In fact, Adonis had to stop his weight gain process early under the supervision of his health care professional because his blood pressure levels were becoming alarmingly high for his health. While this method might be entertaining for a reality TV show, we do not recommend the implementation of these practices into your own routine.

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