Top 5 Exercises to Build Bulging Biceps

Bulging biceps are some of the most noticeable and appreciated muscles on the male physique. When a young man becomes interested in bodybuilding, the first thing he does is curl his arm in front of the mirror to check out the growth of his bicep and it doesn’t stop there. As a bodybuilder, dedication to increasing overall muscle strength and size becomes the focus. However, the bulging biceps always seem to standout from the mountains of amassed muscles as one of the most valued trophies to be admired by all. If you’re looking to increase the size and strength of your biceps, here are the top 5 exercises to bring out the bulge.

1. Barbell Curls

Barbell curls are one of the most efficient exercises for building biceps. The weight is distributed evenly and causes maximum overload to the biceps which breaks them down better, thereby stimulating strength and growth.

Start with a challenging amount of weight and do 3 sets of 10 reps from a standing position. In time, as your biceps strengthen in relation to the weight used, increase the weight and continue.

2. Dumbbell Curls

Follow up your barbell curls with dumbbell curls. Using dumbbells more specifically targets your bicep muscles, minimizing the use of other surrounding muscles, and works to further break the biceps down for stimulated growth.

You should always do dumbbell curls from a sitting position as this keeps the workout focused on your biceps. Doing dumbbell curls while standing will utilize other muscles which take away power from your biceps.

Again, start with 3 sets of 10 reps and increase the weight as your muscles become accustomed to it.

3. Pushups

Another good bicep builder, pushups will render good results in bicep growth as well as working your triceps, deltoids and chest.

In order to increase workout tension and to work you muscles in different ways, alter pushup positions from the normal position to declined pushups or doing them while standing against a wall. You can further increase bicep strength and power by eventually practicing plyometric hand claps.

4. Pull Ups

Pull ups will also work to build your biceps as well as shoulders. Using a pull-up bar, slowly and in a controlled manner, pull yourself up until your chin passes the bar and then slowly lower yourself back down and repeat.

In order to work out your biceps and other upper body muscles more thoroughly, see if your gym offers a modified pull-up bar, or purchase one. These bars offer several hand holds which work out the different muscles in various ways.

5. Barbell 21s

This bicep building exercise will help to work the full range of the muscle, giving it more mass and strength.

From a standing position, start with a weighted barbell held down at your waist, arms fully extended. Curl the barbell halfway up and release for 7 reps. Then, on your seventh half-curl, hold and do 7 reps curling the barbell up to your shoulders from the halfway position. On the last rep, lower the barbell back down with arms again fully extended. Complete the 21 reps by doing 7 full barbell curl reps.

Fit these top bicep building exercises into your muscle building program and soon you’ll have some big guns to show off.

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