The Secret Power of Pickle Juice as an Energy Drink

It seems dills are not only good on hamburgers, but the brine is also a powerful source of energy for athletes and those involved in high intensity fitness programs.

Pickle juice first hit the limelight in 2000 when Rick Burkholder, trainer for the Philadelphia Eagles, revealed his team’s secret which helped them annihilate the Cowboys 41-14 on their home field. Apparently, pickle juice kept the Eagles soaring and cramp-free in temps that were equally high… 110 degrees.

Science finally picked up the secret formula and ran with it. In a Brigham Young University study conducted last year, test subjects were asked to carry out exercise until they became dehydrated and experienced cramps. Various groups were given either water, sports drinks, or pickle juice. They found that pickle juice gulpers responded 85 seconds faster than both the water and sports drink crowd.

It turns out that pickle juice is a natural source of sodium and electrolytes which replenish the body’s natural supplies that are lost through sweating. It also helps in retaining water so you don’t dehydrate as quickly or as severely.

A commercialized version was released in 2006 called Pickle Juice Sport and it has become so popular that the producer sells it in bulk to over 20 professional teams and over 100 individual professional athletes.

This exhilarating and exotic sports energy drink is a popular pick with such players as Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant, Cowboys tight end Jason Witten and Packers defensive end Jarius Wynn who drank it when playing football during high school in the hot South to avoid cramps.

So, if you’re looking for a boost in performance energy or a change from your current sports drink, grab a bottle of Pickle Juice Sport or that jar of dills in the fridge and put the power of the pickle to work for you.

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