The Rock Is a Beast, But You Already Knew That

Dwayne Johnson posted a new video to his Instagram account yesterday, and if you missed it, well, you’re going to want to see this.

Look, we already know you know The Rock pretty much dominates at everything he does. So it’s no surprise that, despite being busy filming a movie in Hawaii and all that, he still managed to get a workout in. Getting in shape for the film, or just for fun? Probably both. And it’s a good one.

The workout? He calls it “rope attacks.” Your body won’t expect it, but the intensity is a little insane. And that’s what makes it awesome.

What are “rope attacks”? He’ll show you.

Exercising with battle ropes is an intense full-body workout that helps build muscle and strengthen every part of your body. The ropes are weighted, so it’s basically a pretty sweet alternative to weight lifting you can do on days you just don’t feel like doing the same old thing.

You might not have epic battle music behind you while you do it, but it still counts.


MP’s Take: #Fitspiration is real. Not only is Johnson the highest paid actor in the world, but he knows how to get fit and stay that way. If you’re not already following him on Instagram, you’re missing out. He’s always posting photos and videos like this. And now that he’s also filming Jumanji, there are plenty of BTS set photos, too. Not feeling motivated to work out? Five seconds scrolling through his account, and you will be.

#BloodSweatRespect. Forever.



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