The Process Creates the Prize

In life, we are looking for this concept called fulfillment. Fulfillment is when you’re totally happy with yourself because of the success you achieved. However, many people have this warped concept of success. They think that earning power translates into success. Money is a reward that is aligned with the type of behavior that successful people demonstrate. However, it is not the definition of success. Success is the magnitude of the beneficial footprint you leave on society. That means that having a large effect and a huge impact on people to have your legacy shape their lives is the most important thing in this world. Your relationships with people and how many people you have an effect on is truly what counts. It’s a struggle to get to fulfillment, but that is the ultimate prize. Grinding hard and giving your all throughout every endeavor has far-reaching benefits that drastically affect people’s lives. One way to ameliorate your drive is to improve your body. This will have an immediate effect on your mind’s ability to push and grind. Please take a look at Muscle Prodigy’s video, The Process Creates the Prize.

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