The Magic Solution

Everybody is trying to find the magic pill, magic supplement and the magic workout to lose fat and unwanted weight. Before you find the best solution that works for you I believe you need to assess your fitness goals and find out what you want to accomplish. Do you want to get lean? Do you want to get great abs or do you just want to just be overall healthy?  After figuring out what your fitness goals are then you need to find the best program to help you get there. If your goal is to lose fat fast and most people in society seem to have that goal you need to be on a low calorie diet consisting of high protein, low carbs and low fats.

You then need to be on an anaerobic routine at least 3 times working out every body-part at least once a week. You also want to incorporate workouts that introduce the aerobic system.  If you combine lifting weights and cardio collectively together for your workout routine you give yourself the greatest opportunity to burn an infinite amount of calories and to speed up your metabolism throughout the day. If your goal is to lose fat fast then you always want to make sure that your body is a fast churning fat burning metabolic body meaning that your metabolism is always running at a high level. You can accomplish this by being consistent when you are working out and trying not to take any breaks from your training workout. Follow every set and every rep and every exercise to the end and never let up.

Remember you can’t get in great shape overnight but if you follow a sensible diet and training program then you can get the best body you’ve always wanted. Some people unfortunately have to work-out harder than others because of great genetics or a faster metabolism but anybody can get in shape if they do the right things. There is no magic pill to getting lean but there is a magic solution and the solution that you pick has to be the right program to help you get lean.

This may sound like a cliché and maybe you’ve heard this before that your diet is 80 percent of the battle in getting lean but it is very true. Your diet is crucial and integral in your success in losing unwanted body-fat. If you aren’t eating the right foods it is very difficult to lose weight regardless of how hard you are training in the gym unless you have superior genetics which not everybody has. Your diet and training program should always be connected together and it goes hand and hand in your fat loss success. What is your magic solution?  The magic solution is the fat loss program and system you select that will help you accomplish your fat loss goals.  Once you find it and implement it then you should see yourself inching closer to your goal every day.

Many people struggle with progression of their physique because they don’t follow a specific program, then get frustrated and eventually stray off of what they’re supposed to do and ultimately it becomes a detriment to their goals. Let me give you an analogy If you went into work without a specific schedule of what tasks you needed to accomplish, would you be successful? Absolutely not. It is the same thing with your physique. You need to stay very consistent with detailed action-steps both in the gym and with your diet. Most people don’t understand that it takes time to make improvements in body fat reduction. It’s a journey. So pretend it’s a 100 mile hike. When you don’t have a plan, many people get through 5 miles, then think that what they are doing isn’t working and then change the approach, turning around going back to the starting point instead of staying consistent towards that 100 mile mark. Programs work to keep you on track.

We have devised the perfect exercise program for you called The 28 Minute Workout. It doesn’t require that much time in the gym, but the results are phenomenal if you stay consistent. There is one perfect way to exercise and eat right. Whether you want to see six pack abs or just be healthier will depend on the amount of effort and committment on your end following those principles. Your physique will vary based upon your intensity level and the progression of intensity – that’s entirely up to you, but we laid out all the nuts and bolts for you to follow. Now it’s all on you!

Check out The 28 Minute Workout, which has the diet and workout plan created in 5 illustrated books. If you want a plan to follow that will get you to your goal; purchase The 28 Minute Workout.


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