The Best Pre-Workout Meal

If you are weight training then what is the best pre-workout meal that you can consume in order to maximize your size and get the best possible gains from all of your hard work and time? No amount of lifting or training alone can guarantee the best possible muscle growth and recovery, or help you get ripped and in peak physical shape. Without proper nutrition and careful dietary considerations you may be wasting the time you spend in the gym, or seeing less than exceptional results for all of the effort that you are putting in. Eating the right meals and food types before you start your workout will help ensure that your body has the nutrients needed for proper function, and that you have the energy needed to get through grueling sets and repetitions.

The wrong food choices before a workout can do much more than just lessen the results that you get. Some foods may make you lethargic while others may be heavy and cause you to feel weighted down or bloated. These are not ideal conditions for a great workout and could cause you to stop before you have finished the scheduled routines and required repetitions. The right types and amounts of carbs are important, and you should also consider the fiber content of the meal you eat before you hit the gym. Fruits and vegetables can provide much needed vitamins and minerals, and plenty of water ensures proper hydration that yoru body needs during a training session.

The Right Type and Amount of Carbs are Essential for Energy

Carbohydrates supply energy to your cells and tissues, so a meal that has significant amounts of carbs is a good thing so you can get through even the toughest training session. There is more than one carbohydrate type though, and it is crucial that you choose the right type. Refined sugars are simple carbs, and they may provide quick energy but this does not last long. In addition, simple carbohydrates may actually contribute to fat preservation because it slows down the fat burning process in the body and encourages fat preservation instead. Complex carbohydrates offer a time released source of energy that can be sustained over time. This form of carbs will help you feel fuller and ward off hunger longer as well, so you can train for an extended period without becoming fatigued or cutting your efforts short because of hunger pangs. When you include plenty of complex carbs in your pre-workout meal then you will be able to go longer and perform more intense routines.

Low Fat is the Way to Go

Any pre-workout meal should be low in fat. Your digestive system takes longer to digest fat than it does other substances, and this can cause your digestion to slow down. Any other nutrients that are also consumed will not be available to your body as quickly and this could cause problems in the middle of your workout or lifting session. Avoid foods that are high in fat in favor of lower fat options and you will get better results from your training efforts.

Are Fiber Rich Foods a Good Choice Before Working Out?

Fiber is needed for proper digestion, but foods that contain a lot of fiber should be avoided right before working out. Foods that are high in fiber will bulk up in your stomach and slow down the digestion of essential nutrients that you will need to successfully accomplish your routines and get optimal gains. This substance is also very heavy and may make you feel weighted down. Too much fiber can cause digestive problems or unpleasant side effects that can also make working out hard. You could suffer from bloating, stomach cramps, and other digestive disorders if you consume a lot of fiber right before you start your weight training.

Water is the Liquid of Life, Health, and Physical Fitness

A pre-workout meal that contains significant amounts of water is one of the best possible choices. This fluid keeps you hydrated, provides lubrication for your tissues, and lowers your risk of becoming dehydrated due to an intense workout or an extended session. If you do not include enough water and water rich foods in your pre-workout meal then you will not be able to continue as long or get excellent growth and recovery from your training. Smoothies, milk shakes, fruits and vegetables, and other meals that have a lot of water are the right foods to include in any meal before working out.

Should You Include Plenty of Protein?

Protein is needed for proper muscle recovery and growth, but you do not need large amounts of this nutrient before you start working out. Save the protein rich foods for after the training when your muscles actually need it. This does not mean you need to avoid all protein but make sure that your before meal is higher in water and carbs, and worry less about yoru protein intake in the pre-workout stage.

How Intense is Your Workout?

The intensity of the workout scheduled and your current physical condition are important when planning your pre-workout meal. Routines that have a higher intensity level may need more complex carbs than a routine that is less intense. The intensity of your sessions and the training schedule that you follow will both help determine your nutritional and caloric needs. The meal that you eat before you start training will help you get through the intensity level that you have scheduled.

Good Pre-Workout Meal Choices

When it comes to the food choices for your pre-workout meal there are some great choices that you can make. Bananas provide plenty of potassium and other nutrients that will support your workout efforts. An apple has been shown to increase strength for some time after it is consumed. A small portion of low fat protein can be included in the meal as well. Sweet potatoes and nuts can both be excellent sources of complex carbs, and some protein may allow insulin to be released slower. Fruit smoothies, milkshakes, and even sports drinks designed to improve your workout can also be used in order to provide energy and nutrients without any undesired components.




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