The Benefits And Risks Of Foam Rollers

Foam rollers have started to become very popular with bodybuilders, weightlifters, and physical fitness enthusiasts. What benefits does this equipment offer though, and are there any risks involved? The varied benefits that foam rollers can offer if you are serious about your workout regimen and physical conditioning may include:

    • Fewer injuries
    • Better overall conditioning
    • Improve joint mobility
    • Increase fascial flexibility
    • Less soreness in your muscles
    • Less stiffness
    • A decrease in muscle tension
    • Better range of motion
    • Muscles receive more blood flow and beneficial nutrients
    • Scarring, adhesions, and any other knotted tissues around your muscles can be broken up

Should You Use Foam Rollers?

Foam rollers can offer many different benefits for any athlete or bodybuilder. There are no risks involved with this after your workout as long as the equipment is used properly and positioned correctly. You will be able to workout any tension, soreness, and stiffness in your muscle groups while breaking up any scars or other knots that could impact muscle flexibility or joint mobility. The result is muscles that are bigger, stronger, and more capable of handling your usual workout routine and schedule without injury or tissue damage. Pain can be eliminated when you use foam rollers appropriately and injuries can be eliminated before they can start.

How Does This Equipment Work?

Foam rollers work with your muscle tissues and can help relax any tension that remains after your workout. This equipment can also be used before you hit the gym in order to ensure that the muscle groups and tissues are in ideal shape for the workout scheduled. You will discover better range of motion and less difficulty in any position or movement when your muscles are in the best shape possible, and foam rolling can help with this. Foam rolling helps to relieve tension in the muscles and this can improve the flexibility and feel of the affected tissues and areas. The risk of injury is lower because these tissues are reset. The foam rollers also help massage the area and muscle groups so that there is less stiffness and soreness during the initial workout and the recovery period.

Break Up Adhesions and Scars

Over time, scarring can occur on your muscles, and adhesions from past injuries or damage can develop. These factors will limit the flexibility and range of motion that you have during the workout and in everyday life. Foam rollers help release myofascial tension and break up problem areas and scars, so you can work on your trigger points without the expense of a professional. Message therapy can be costly and foam rollers provide a less expensive alternative that can be used frequently, although it is not a substitution for physical therapy if you have a serious injury that interferes with your normal movement. The use of foam rollers can help you get better results with less pain, and prevent injuries in the first place by preparing your muscles for a workout or recovery period.

Foam Rolling Risks

Foam rollers can be a great tool to use if you want to gain size and strength without risk of injury, but this equipment may come with some risks if it is not used correctly. Some areas and tissues should not be involved. Your spine, bones, and joints should not be rolled with these items because there is a risk that you could cause damage or injury. Only soft tissues should be rolled out in order to get the desired results. You should also avoid the lower back area and the neck in order to prevent any damage or injured tissues. If you have any pre-existing conditions then you may need to get approval from your physician before you start using this equipment to ensure that it is safe and will not cause further problems. Any area or muscle group that is injured should be avoided. Use caution and never roll your joints including your elbows and knees because this can cause stress and damage the tissues, resulting in limited movement and discomfort during a workout.

Always Use Foam Rollers Properly

Using foam rollers is easy to do, and you do not require a lot of training or education for these products. These items are made of foam and they should be rolled over the muscle groups that are targeted. Roll the foam back and forth to release muscle tension and improve the feel and movement of the group you are working on. You may notice some initial discomfort when you first start foam rolling but over time this will disappear and you will see exceptional improvement in your muscle size, strength, and feel. If you have never used this equipment before then there are classes and instructions that you can use to make sure that you are targeting the right areas and using the equipment appropriately. You want to roll over the entire muscle for 10-12 passes to ensure that all of the tension has been released. This form of soft tissue care can be used daily to help you maintain the growth and fitness level that you are at. Make sure that the rolling technique includes varying angles for the best results. When a tight spot is found then pause the roller until you feel the tissue relax and release tension before moving on. There are a number of sizes and densities for foam rollers and you may need to do some research to determine which density levels and sizes will work best for you.




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