Swedish Man Arrested for Being Too Muscular

A muscular man in Sweden was stopped by police for being “unusually large.” Police suspected steroid use and questioned him about it. After the buff man evaded questions by police, they obtained a search warrant to search his home.

Police discovered over 20,000 pills and vials of performance enhancing drugs, including steroids.

The man told police that the drugs were for personal use and denied that he was a dealer. Police discovered $21,000 in cash and packaging materials in his apartment, along with text messages about drug deals, which convinced the court to sentence him to 21 months in prison. A woman who shared his apartment denied all knowledge of the drugs but was also found guilty and sentenced to 18 months in prison.

All this happened despite a previous Swedish court ruling that muscles alone are not grounds for arrest.


MP’s Take: I guess many signs actually do point to him being a steroid dealer. However, whether he was a dealer or not, he technically should of never been arrested. You can’t just arrest someone based on looks; Sweden even had a court ruling in place for that. In the United States, we have the 4th Amendment and police would need probable cause to search and would also need a judge to sign off on a search warrant. It just goes to show you how different the world really is.




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