Why Strip Sets and Lunges Are Powerful

The key to the fat loss you have been looking for might just be right around the corner, hiding in an exercise you have been doing your whole entire life without even realizing it.

When it comes to bodyweight exercises, and nearly every strength training exercise you do in the gym, there can be hundreds of different variations of that same singular exercise which reinvent the exercise to make it new again, targeting different muscles and parts of the body through different methods.

Lunges are one of those exercises. And if you really want to maximize your workouts? Do a lunge-only workout, adding in some powerful variations.

In this lunge-only workout, we are going to mix lunges, free weights, and cardio all together, combined with strip sets to create a simple yet challenging circuit workout.

Strip sets refers to performing an exercise until a primary feeling of failure and then reducing the weight load to continue performing more repetitions until failure again. This process can continue once or a few times, depending upon your interest and your preference.

However, this can be modified within itself in a different type of routine called stability strip sets. With stability strip sets, the position of the weight is altered rather than the amount of weight being changed. This enables the activation of body coordination, balance, and, you got it, stability.

Stability Strip Set Lunge-Only Workout

Stability strip sets can be implemented into your lunge-only workout. With a pair of dumbbells or your bodyweight, you will have your arms at three different positions throughout the circuit.

Your arms will begin overhead, like in the fully-extended phase of a shoulder/overhead press. Begin lunging in this position, alternating each leg. This position will deeply work your core and your stability since your body is extended and your center of gravity is shifted. When you reach your first point of fatigue when you can no longer do any more reps successfully with good form, take a break for ten seconds.

Then, resume lunging, this time with your arms at your shoulders, such as in the beginning (starting) phase of a shoulder/overhead press. Continue lunging, still alternating each leg, until your next point of failure. Repeat your ten second break.

Go into your lunges once again with your arms now down at your sides. Alternate your lunge on each leg until you reach maximum fatigue.

That all is one set in the circuit. Perform as many sets as desired with one minute rest in between each set. Five sets are recommended.


The stability strip sets with the alterations of having your arms at various positions will induce a bit of cardio but will maximize the amount of body fat you are burning. Plus, you will be continuing to build strong, lean muscle in your abs, your quads, your shoulders; essentially, your overall entire body.

Add the stability strip set method into your additional workouts and additional exercises to buff up and tone up your health and fitness.





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