Should You Workout Twice a Day?

When it comes to the best possible training schedule in order to maximize muscle growth, encourage proper recovery, and get an increase in strength, there is no clear cut method that works best in every case or situation. You have probably heard experts and professional bodybuilders discuss whether to workout every other day, every day, or even two times each day. The training frequency can be a big determining factor in the muscle gains that you see, but overtraining can increase your risk of being injured. There are different schools of thought on the ideal training schedule that weightlifters and bodybuilders should follow. Many well-known names in this industry advocate training a minimum of once every single day, some prefer to workout twice in a 24 hour period, and others recommend taking at least one day a week off in order to allow your muscles to fully recover.

All of these options may help you see some gains in size and endurance, but which one will work best in your unique situation? The answer depends on many factors and may be different for each individual.

Each Case and Situation May be Different

Some bodybuilders and fitness professionals consider a twice a day training schedule too rigorous, and others claim that this frequency may affect the muscle recovery needed to see growth and an increase in strength and stamina. If your muscles can not recover fully in between workouts then your training sessions may not be as effective as you want. Your current physical fitness and muscle mass goals will also be used to determine the right lifting and training schedule. Beginners may not be capable or performing routines twice a day without risking serious injury, while an experienced bodybuilder may see better results due to the increased training schedule. Your situation is not the same as every other bodybuilder and weightlifter, so the perfect training frequency and schedule in your case may not be the same as someone else.

What is Overtraining?

Overtraining can be a problem if you are working out twice each day, but just following this type of schedule does not mean that you are definitely overtraining. Your current physical condition and the goals that you are trying to reach need to be considered when you set the training schedule that you want to follow. There are many different methods and programs that can be followed, and some of these will contradict others. This can make it very hard for you to find the best possible program and schedule to follow. Overtraining can be defined as training that exceeds the capacity of your body and tissues. This means that the muscles and other tissues do not have time to recover fully in between each session, and they are not prepared when the next session of lifting starts. This increases the risk of an injury due to weakened tissues that are not in prime condition for the training that you will engage in. It is critical that your muscles get enough rest to recover completely from earlier lifting sessions before you start to train again. If this is not happening then you are overtraining, and this may be seen with almost any workout and lifting schedule in some cases. Dietary factors can also help determine whether your muscles can grow and recover efficiently.

There Are Some Benefits with Twice Daily Weight Training

Twice a day training can offer some benefits in many cases, but it is not the right choice for everyone. Some of the benefits that you may gain from working out twice a day at least on some days may include:

    • Eliminate any plateau. Once you reach a certain stage, you may find that your results become less than spectacular, and you may notice that you have reached a plateau that is difficult to get past. Changing up the schedule and training frequency will change the results that you get in many cases. A plateau means that your body has reached a level where the training is no longer as effective, and bumping it up can give you better results.
    • Better muscle growth can be achieved when more effort is required. Adding a second session of training for a day can increase the effort that you make, and this can usually add more growth and help you bulk up faster.
    • Gain more stamina, size, and strength from your efforts. When you double up your efforts, you will generally see an increase in results as long as you also make sure that all of your nutritional needs are being met at the same time. You also need to make sure that you are fully recovered before you start the second training session for the day.

Possible Drawbacks with Twice Daily Training Sessions

If you start training twice a day then you could see some possible drawbacks with this method. These may affect the final results that you get, and could even make you more prone to common injuries or tissue damage. Some of the possible drawbacks discussed with twice daily weight training include:

    • If the twice a day regimen is not properly implemented and all of the various factors put in place then you could end up seeing fewer gains and a slower recovery time. If you are not getting the proper nutrients needed in order to gain maximum muscle growth and stamina then this could result in overtraining and decrease the effectiveness of each session instead of boosting it.
    • If you workout twice a day for too long then you will start to experience a slow down even with this intense schedule. Many experts recommend working out twice a day for short intervals, and then allowing a certain number of days without the second session in order to promote faster recovery.

Will Working Out Twice Each Day Work for You?

Each bodybuilder may benefit most from varying programs and training schedules. The key is to find which methods and programs work best for your individual circumstances, goals, and preferences. Your usual schedule and dietary plan also play a role in whether you get the desired results or fall short in reaching your goals. Get informed about the various options and then decide which type of program and training schedule fits you and your physical fitness considerations best. This may include twice a day sessions at times, or it may not.




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