She Loses Half Her Weight & Wins First Figure Competition

Conner Rensch made a miraculous transformation, losing half her weight since since 2008. She went from 271 pounds to a trim 141 pounds.

“I was always heavy growing up,” said 25-year-old Conner, “and I really gained weight in high school.

Despite her weight problems, Conner had a positive attitude and good self-esteem. She was popular with her high school classmates and was elected student body president. Conner credits her parents for constantly supporting and encouraging her, and telling her she was beautiful.

“They never let my weight hold me back in terms of trying things,” she said. “I’ve always been super outgoing, but my weight was one thing I couldn’t figure out.”

After earning an academic scholarship to Saint Louis University, her size began to weigh heavily on her mind.

“I was tired of people judging me for my weight,” Conner said. “I was ready to make a lifestyle change.”

She started to consistently exercise and met with a nutritionist, eating six small meals a day. The weight started coming off and she eventually turned into a slim 5’10, 141 pounds.

“I never thought I would have abs and other muscles. I am so lucky,” she said.

For her birthday in June, she submitted photos to People magazine, and heard back about three months later. She was flown to Los Angeles for a photo shoot and was featured in the magazine.

“It’s all a mind-set,” she said. “It’s a decision, a lifestyle, not just a diet. Diets fail because they are temporary. To make a change, I had to decide that I have one body and I’m going to treat it right.”

She recently heard that the World Beauty Fitness and Fashion show decided to add a transformation makeover division to its figure competitions. She wanted to give it a chance and upping the level of her dedication to her workouts and clean-eating lifestyle.

“The decision to compete in a fitness competition was a huge milestone for me. My body does not look like the typical bikini competitor. As proud as I am of my weight loss, I have scars and stretch marks that most of my competitors don’t have. But those marks are a physical reminder every day of the battle I’ve won,” she said.

She was very emotional being on stage at the competition. Before she went on, her picture was showcased on the large projection screen. When she walked out, she was staring into the face of her old self.

“In that moment I realized that I am still the same person on the inside. I still have the same smile. The only difference is that I choose to live a healthy life and inspire others to do the same,” she said.

In her first time wearing a bikini in public, she ended up winning first place in the transformation makeover division. She will now take the stage at the WBFF Worlds Las Vegas, competing against women from across the world with similar transformation stories.

“Winning was just a bonus to my overall goal. I want to show people that every body is beautiful, and there is no right or wrong body. I want to continue to spread my message of self-love, because I know it can be life-changing,” she said.


Check out what she said about the process:


MP’s Take: Amazing story. It’s always great hearing about people who lose weight like that and inspire others. Even better, she wins her first figure competition! If she can do it, anyone can do it!




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