Serina Branch Interview

What sparked your interest in fitness?

SB: The first thing that sparked my interest in fitness was the amazing feeling I would get after I killed my workouts. Working out became my “me time” and it made me feel amazing, so I started to working out more often, causing me to see results, once I saw results there was no stopping me! I entered my first NPC body building competition and was truly beyond intrigued and fascinated with all the hard work and dedication from all the competitors I met backstage!


You developed a big passion for fitness at around 18 years old. At age 20, you took it to a whole new level. What was your biggest change over the past 3 years?

SB: My biggest change over the past 3 years have been be consistency in the gym and out side of the gym and drastically changing my eating habits. I literally replaced the time I spent going out and drinking at bars with going to the gym and lifting the bars!


You recently entered your first NPC competition and claimed you were “ignorant” with what competition life was really like. What were you ignorant about?

SB: I was definitely ignorant! I had no idea what “prepping” consisted of, I would eat healthy and workout only when it was convenient not realizing all the hard work physically and mentally it takes to compete! I had the wrong type of bikini, the wrong type of heels, AND the wrong type of spray tan! I also had NEVER practiced posing until it was literally time for me to walk on stage for pre-judging!

2287Even if you had bad experiences with your first NPC competition, you still fell in love with it. What do you love most about competitions?

SB: I love the challenge to better myself! I love the process of watching my body transform, and I love the end result regardless of what place I do or do not come in!


About a year after your first competition, you placed 5th in your next one. What was the biggest difference when it came to your preparation and results for this new competition?

SB: The second time I competed was completely different! I no longer felt ignorant and was eager to get on stage and show all the hard work I had put into my prep for the show! I dieted down and trained hard for weeks, eating daily to maintain my certain amount of macros needed to look the way I intended. Although I still continue to train hard daily, I am no longer on the same macro diet I was on for show prep!


What specific exercises and meals do you think helped get you the best results?

SB: I train myself and always have! I would say what helped me the most would with out a doubt have to be squats, lunges and glute kickbacks! I have never been a lady with a natural big booty especially being half Japanese, I have always felt my glutes were too flat, so I was determined to grow a booty! The meals that helped me achieve the best results would be chicken breast and oatmeal! At one point during my prep I was eating 7-8 chicken breast per day.

2302What shaped the earliest transition your saw in your body the most: training or nutrition?

SB: Nutrition! Once I started to change what I put in my body, my body started to change!


What’s your stance on supplementation? Do you believe all-natural foods are more beneficial for the human body than supplements?

SB: I do believe all-natural foods are more beneficial, however I do take supplements and I think the combination of the two is what works best for me!


Have any advice for aspiring female fitness competitors?

SB: I would suggest to stay away from anything or anyone negative, eat according to your goal(s) not your cravings, and to make sure every single workout counts!


What is something people may not know about you?

SB: I love basketball!

2294What do you like doing in your free time?

SB: Writing, sketching, painting, and spending time with the people I love and cherish in my life.


What are your future goals both personally and professionally?

SB: Professionally I want to be successful in the secretive business venture I have been working on and reveal it to everyone to share the opportunity and work as much as I can! Personally, I would love to hit 120 lbs. and maintain a healthy muscle to fat ratio!

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