Russian Powerlifter Climbs Mountain with 165 Pounds on Back

Climbing over 18,000 feet is hard enough. Try doing it with a barbell on your back. Russian powerlifter Andrey Rodichev climbed Russia’s mighty Mount Elbrus, doing it with 165 pounds across his back. He became the first person to reach the top of Europe’s tallest mountain with a barbell as extra weight.

Rodichev’s journey was motivated by philanthropy and not necessary fame. He did the climb to raise awareness about the lack of weight-lifting resources for youth and professionals alike in his home region of Murmansk, located in the deep northwest of Russia.

With straps attached to his hands and a pad on the back of his neck, Rodichev reached the 18,510-foot summit in eight days. He moved approximately 150 feet an hour. After he reached the top, he left his barbell atop the mountain as a reminder of the occasion, challenging any other person to break his record. He even offered to help train anyone who is willing to do the challenge.



MP’s Take: I can’t even image how hard that must be. Factor in how cold it was. Your muscles don’t perform as well in cold environments but he obviously pushed through it. It’s very admirable he did it for charity and it certainly is a good way to bring awareness. What a beast!!




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