Rashad Evans Workout

Rashad Evans knows what it takes to workout for a fight. One of the top UFC fighters in the world, Evans trains with uttermost intensity and fire each and every day he steps foot in the gym.

Evans mainly works on his cardio. He does Airdyne- the bike where you pedal and push- and then follows that with intervals on the elliptical machine. He sprints for one minute every other minute and goes at level 10 intensity. He also runs on mountains with elevations at 5,000 feet. He does a mile and a half to two mile runs and will sometimes sprint throughout. Sprinting is one of the best ways to increase your V02 max and slice away stubborn body fat. Not to mention, running up a 5,000 foot mountain can be one of the hardest ways to train. Researchers at the University of Georgia found that running uphill activates 9 percent more muscle each stride compared with running with the same intensity on flat ground.

In addition, the 5’11, 205 lb. Evans sometimes does a Crossfit routine, in which he focuses on a lot of practical movements and bodyweight exercises. Crossfit relies on high intensity training and cardio exercises. You mainly do circuit routines so the intensity is always kept high and you are forced to complete the bout in as minimal time as possible. Evans does a circuit where he gets on the Aerodyne for 30 seconds, gets off to do 30 seconds of push-ups, followed by 8-10 pull-ups, and then some snatch throws for eight reps on each side. He then immediately does side sprints for 15 feet each way then immediately does some rope pulls for 15 more seconds.

In addition, he trains like a real fight, going round by round with a new fresh guy each round. If he has a three round fight coming up, he will spar for six rounds in training. The fact that Evans fights a new guy each round is a great way to beef up his conditioning. Imagine how tired he must be when he fights a fresh guy. It can make it seem easier in a real fight when both guys are tired!

In terms of his diet, he eats a lot of clean proteins and almost always stays away from fried foods. Fried foods are full of oil and so loaded with fats that they are hard for people to digest. These foods will make you feel tired and lethargic while affecting athletic ability. It is good that he recognizes this.

He really likes sweet potatoes and brown rice for his carbohydrate sources. In terms of his supplementation, he uses a supplement called Progenics to help him overcome fatigue and restore performance. In addition, He usually gets a vitamin IV bag with a doctor in Santa Fe. He fills it up with B5, B6 and all those minerals. It takes 30-40 minutes and he does it once a week. This helps him fight off sickness and keeps his immune system strong, especially with all that training.





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