Portion Control Tips to Stop Overeating

It can be terribly easy to overeat and pack on extra weight that then needs to be conquered in the gym. This is especially true when eating out in restaurants because 1) we have been taught to eat everything on our plates and 2) we are usually dining with friends or family, get caught up in talking, and gorge on all food that finds its way in front of us. What’s more, restaurant food is notoriously fatty.

Fortunately, there are some helpful tricks you can use that will assist you with limiting the amount you eat when dining out and about. You work hard to tone those muscles, chisel those abs, and tighten that butt and you sure don’t want to blow it by overeating.

Be Portion-Minded

Weightlifters might not be so concerned about how much bulk they put on and can eat piles of portions. However, bodybuilders and fitness models need to keep that body fat off to stay buff and bodacious. In order to do that successfully without giving up your life, you need to watch your portions.

No need to carry around a scale or ask your server portion size questions that will give him or her an aneurism. Simply learn the approximate size of a portion and compare it with the foods you receive. For example, a cup of food is about the size of a baseball while 3 ounces of meat (usually recommended for the proper amount of protein each meal) is equal in size to a deck of playing cards.

Immediately Halve Your Meal

You will almost always receive portions larger than what you want to finish at restaurants. Therefore, you should immediately halve your meal when it arrives so that you aren’t tempted to fork those few extra bites into your mouth or even scrape the plate clean.

When you order, ask your server for a container. As soon as your food arrives, place half of each serving into the container and take it home to eat as another meal. Not only are you sparing your waist from bulging belly fat, but you are also stretching your dollars and enjoying that delicious restaurant food for a second time.

Take it Slow

One of the biggest mistakes that many people make when eating out is that they wolf down their food like there’s no tomorrow. Since it takes around 20 minutes before the stomach sends your brain an “I’m full” message, you need to eat slowly and give your system a chance to send that all-important signal. You can pack away entirely too much calorie-rich food before you “feel” full when eating rapidly.

Usually, you eat at restaurants with other people. Eat slowly and take the time to enjoy both the company and your properly portioned meal. If you are eating alone or are rushed during a 30 minute lunch break, for instance, carry the meal back to your home or office where you can eat it slowly and give it time to trigger the “that’s enough” message. When you come to the conclusion that you’re full then stop eating!

Avoid Buffets

The worst restaurants you can go to are the ones that offer all-you-can-eat buffets. These should be avoided at all costs because it’s just too easy to blow a healthy diet when you have a vast and endless assortment of delicious, fattening goodies at your disposal.

Buffets should be left for those who have no desire to sculpt a muscular and finely tuned body. Besides being tempted to gorge yourself, the foods are often fatty, fried, and greasy. Even the vegetables are usually boiled and diminished in their vitamin and mineral content. Save yourself a 2 or 3 day setback and avoid buffets.

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