Nitric Oxide and Muscle Pumps

There’s nothing like hitting the gym and receiving serious muscle pumps from an intense workout. Proper nutrition and good, old-fashioned hard work provide weightlifters and bodybuilders alike with expanding muscle mass that feels and looks invigorating.

For many, those rushes brought on by lifting weights and pumping iron is sufficient. However, there are those who want to push the limits and increase mass, either for personal development or to gain an edge in competition. In order to accomplish this, you need a supplement plan to accompany your weightlifting goals.

Nitric Oxide Pumps

Such desired weight training pumps can be found in nitric oxide, or N.O., which can pay big dividends in muscle mass development. The combined molecules of nitrogen and oxygen make up nitric oxide, which is produced naturally in the human body with the assistance of L-citrulline and L-arginine. When the body heats up and physical stress is present, nitric oxide kicks in to widen blood vessels so our “fight or flight” instincts have the oxygen and nutrient-rich blood supply needed to perform.

However, taking a nitric oxide supplement can greatly increase vasodilation, flooding the blood vessels of working muscles with larger supplies of oxygen, nutrients and anabolic hormones so you can work harder, lift more, and increase muscle size. Not only do you receive an exhilarating elation after taking nitric oxide supplements, but you also receive a stronger pump from a more powerful workout.

Increased Energy

One benefit of nitric oxide supplements is the increased amount of energy experienced for workouts. Your body temperature is significantly elevated when you perform intense exercises and you can quickly become overheated.

However, with a greater amount of oxygen surging into muscle tissues, less energy is required to cool down your core and more can be diverted to the task at hand.

Less Fatigue

Fatigue is another reason for shortened weight training sessions that occurs as a result of low oxygen levels in the muscle fibers. As oxygen is depleted, lactic acid builds up, causing fatigue in the muscle groups.

Nitric oxide helps to keep oxygen levels higher for longer so that you can perform weight training exercises for extended periods and at greater weight levels before experiencing fatigue.

Explosive Pumps

The whole idea behind weightlifting and bodybuilding is to create and develop impressive muscle mass. With nitric oxide, you receive explosive muscle pumps that maximize your workout potential.

When your muscles are flooded with blood that is nutrient and oxygen rich, the outcome is immediate and impressive results start to happen. Nitric oxide dilates your blood vessels, fills them with a greater blood supply and provides your muscles with what they need to give you all they’ve got.

Faster Recovery 

Another benefit of taking nitric oxide supplements is a faster recovery time. The quicker you can recover from the stress of the previous workout, the faster you can get back to the gym for another muscle-grinding weight training session. Of course, the more you work your muscles to fatigue and the more often you are able to recover to do it again, the greater the results in amassing muscle size and strength.

Because nitric oxide widens blood vessels for greater blood flow, you get more oxygen and nutrients delivered to your muscle fibers so they can recover faster. Because they are getting what they need, the repair and growth process is hastened. Combined with a nutritious diet plan, nitric oxide provides a powerful 1-2 punch to muscle recovery and growth.

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