Nick Vujicic and His Life Without Limbs

This is truly a special person. Nick Vujicic is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker born with Tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. As a child, he struggled mentally, physically, and emotionally with his disability but eventually came to terms with his condition. At the age of 17, he decided to start his own non-profit organization called Life Without Limbs. Vujicic gives motivational speeches worldwide pertaining to living with a disability, hope and finding meaning in life. If you look at the life of Vujicic, you see a man who looks past his limitations. He wants to live life to the fullest and makes the best of every situation. You can look at your own life and think that it’s so miserable or bad at times. Just look at Vujicic and see what he has to deal with every single day. You should be thankful for what you have because you may not of been as lucky. Nick Vujicic and his attitude serve as great examples for the celebration of life over limitations.

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