New Bench Press Could Eliminate Spotters

We’ve all seen those epic gym fail videos. It’s been a struggle for many people to properly use even the most basic weightlifting equipment. Enter the Maxx Bench, which could revolutionize the way we train.

When you push yourself to complete muscular failure on the bench press, there’s basically no way to get the barbell off your chest, unless you’re using a spotter. Until now…

The Maxx Bench, known as the “First Ever Gravity Release Bench Press”, safely removes the weights from your hands when your muscles reach fatigue.

The product is still in the Kickstarter phase but it looks like there is a real chance that it may be appearing in gyms soon.


Check out the video to see how it works:



MP’s Take: I think one of the biggest problems for us when we train is that we don’t use spotters for some of our lifts, specifically the bench press. Using a spotter is really the only way to go to absolute failure and push your muscles to the limit. Most people are either too intimidated to ask someone, lazy, or just have too much pride. I think the Maxx Bench is a great way to eliminate some of that burden and provide a safe way to train without a spotter.

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