Never eat carbohydrates alone

Eating carbohydrates alone is a sure way to increase body fat. When you introduce carbohydrates to your body, without the accompaniment of a protein or fat, your body responds to it in the form of an insulin spike.

Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas, which is necessary for glucose to be able to enter the cells of the body and be used for energy.

Its purpose is to prevent your body’s blood sugar levels from becoming either too high or too low.

Whenever you ingest a carbohydrate, your body immediately releases insulin to regulate your blood sugar levels.

Your insulin levels will rise even more depending on the type of carbohydrate consumed. The simpler a sugar it is, the larger the insulin spike.

The more fibrous, the less of an insulin spike is created.

“How does an insulin spike relate to your goals?”

An insulin spike can work in one of two ways: it can result in beneficial muscle growth or it can bring about disastrous fat growth. Obviously, you want the first result and not the second. But how do you avoid the latter effect and encourage the former?

An insulin spike really only contributes to muscle growth during two times of the day: in the early morning and immediately post-workout.

Your body is very sensitive in the morning when you first wake up because you just fasted for upwards of eight hours. Your body is now primed to charge itself with some much needed nutrition.

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