Nelly Workout

Nelly is a fitness guru who carefully balances his time between training in the gym and training on the stage. You rarely see him perform without seeing his six-pack abs, a token of his hard work. Nelly’s workouts are carefully planned and arranged around his performances to ensure that he maintains enough energy for musical activities.

According to an interview with, Nelly goes to the gym about 5 days a week, but it ultimately depends on his schedule. He gives himself a few days of rest a week to properly recover from his workouts. You should never train 7 days a week because then your body will never fully recover. Your body grows when it rests, not when it trains.

Regardless of if he is able to go to the gym or not, Nelly consistently does around 1,000-1,500 sit-ups and push-ups a day since he can do them anywhere. Sit-ups and push-ups are some of the most effective bodyweight exercises to do. Sit-ups work the core and help define the abdominal muscles. While aerobic exercise burns stomach fat, sit-ups help strengthen and tone the underlying core muscles. Push-ups work the upper body. Not only do they engage the chest, but they also hit the shoulder muscles and lat muscles, among other muscle groups. Out of any bodyweight exercise to do, push-ups probably will help you build the most lean muscle mass.

Nelly also enjoys playing basketball in his free time as a terrific cardio exercise. Nelly prefers machines for a varied workout. He likes military presses for his upper body, weighted crunches for his abdominals, and calf raises and squats for his lower body. Nelly prefers to do fewer reps, specifically in the range of six to eight reps. Doing such higher resistance will help you gain muscle mass and pure strength as opposed to doing endurance based exercises. Nelly tries to keep healthy but doesn’t really follow a specific diet; he just tries to burn off all those extraneous calories in the gym.


Here’s Nelly’s workout routine:

Monday: Triceps

Tuesday: Back and Shoulders

Wednesday: Biceps and Legs

Thursday: Chest

Friday: Repeat routine with triceps




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