Why You Need to Go Easy on All Those Energy Drinks

Monster. Red Bull. Rockstar. What do all these energy drinks have in common? Too many of them could be bad for your liver.

A man recently contracted hepatitis, a disease that inflames the liver, from drinking too many energy drinks. Before entering the hospital, he averaged about four of them per day for almost three weeks.

Energy drinks are  super popular among 18 to 24-year-old guys, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Some research has started to look at comparisons between the effects of drinking too many energy drinks and too much alcohol. Both might really mess up your liver over time, and now because of this case we have a little bit more proof of possibility.

These are the go-to drinks of many athletes because of their high sugar and caffeine content – both of which can, technically, boost fitness performance. Unlike sports drinks such as Gatorade, though, energy drinks don’t provide much in the way of post-workout fuel. You might use them every now and then when you need an energy boost, but it’s really not necessary to pair every workout with a Red Bull. We don’t know all the potentially harmful effects yet, but it’s better to be safe than sick.


MP’s Take: Look, we’re not saying you’re never allowed to have an energy drink ever again. This is in the news right now because of one guy who had WAY too many energy drinks. There is a lot of caffiene and refined sugar in these drinks, though. There might also be some other ingredients in these drinks that your body really doesn’t need too much of. You’re much better off sticking with straight coffee if you’re trying to wake up or boost your workout. Coffee is actually good for you. Energy drinks may promise the most productive all-nighter you’ve ever had, but don’t make it a multiple-times-a-day habit.




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