Michael Jai White Workout

Michael Jai White has one of the best bodies in show business. As an accomplished mixed martial artist with black belts in seven different styles, White certainly knows how to train his body.

He does not believe in allowing his body to become used to any one routine. He thinks variety is the most important thing so he makes sure his body doesn’t adapt. He does a lot of freestyle martial arts moves in addition to other cardio activities. White’s workouts last about four hours per day. He trains at home as well as in his local gym. He also works out in the park whenever possible as he enjoys working out in the open air.

In order to keep his body fit and in perfect shape, he doesn’t use heavy weights during training but rather uses lighter weights with higher reps. He makes sure that he maintains speed being a martial artist and thinks that the heavy weights will actually slow that speed down and make him less flexible. He is all about flexibility and speed.

It’s important to switch around your workouts and White recognizes this. Your body is less likely to grow if you do the same workouts over and over again. It’s important to provide it with a new stimulus as much as you can but you should do the same workout routines for a few weeks to build your strength from that workout. Heavy weights can certainly build some power and strength, not to mention some lean muscle mass. Muscle mass can slow you down so for this purpose it’s important to stay lean to be more mobile.

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