Man Wants to Lose Half His Body Weight in 2 Years

Is it possible to lose half your body weight in 24 months? Maybe not for everyone. But Ramon Mitchell is determined to make it happen. He’s already on his way to making his weight loss goal a reality.

He gained over 400 pounds after losing three family members, and at his lowest emotional point, he weighed about 700 pounds total. Unable to walk after landing in the hospital due to an infection, he decided right then and there that he needed to get his life back on track.

He immediately entered rehab, where he is learning to walk again. Through various exercises and work with physical therapists, he lost 63 pounds. He’s set a weight loss goal of losing 300 more pounds within the next two years. At a healthy rate of three pounds lost per week over the next 24 months, this is a completely reasonable goal.

The best part about this story is that Mitchell is likely to become successful in his weight loss goals because of his determination to succeed. Those who are highly motivated to change their habits and behaviors, the way Mitchell is, are more likely to establish healthy lifestyle changes that last a lifetime.


MP’s Take: You can do literally anything you say you want to do, within reason. It might take you awhile to come to the realization that you want to make a change, but that’s OK. Everybody makes their own choices about their health in time. At the time of this interview, this guy had already lost over 60 pounds. He needed help doing it, but nobody forced him to. He made that choice on his own. If you have a training goal, or you want to lose weight, set a goal and start working toward it. It really is all up to you.



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