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Kate Middleton’s diet and workout routine was publicized leading up to her royal wedding. In preparation for her wedding in England to Prince William, the now Duchess of Cambridge used the Durkan Diet and additional exercise to help her body shed some extra pounds for her stunning wedding dress. Kate’s mother, Carole, has been a big Durkan fan and turned her daughter onto this new diet fad.

The Durkan Diet is broken down into four phases and guarantees that you’ll lose 7-10 pounds in the first week alone. In the Attack Phase (stage one), you stick with lean proteins like chicken, seafood, and lean beef for the first week. In the Cruise Phase (stage two), you alternate protein-only days with protein and vegetables. During this stage, you lose about 2 pounds. The next phase is the Consolidation Phase (stage three), in which is only started when you’ve reached your target weight. During this 10-day stage, you are allowed one portion of fruit and two slices of whole-grain bread each day with your normal diet.  During the last phase, known as the Stabilization Phase, you can eat whatever you want as long as you have a protein-only day once a week in addition to eating oat bran a couple of times a week. According to Durkan, you must follow this last phase for the rest of your life to prevent regaining any weight.

When on the Durkan Diet, you are dramatically limiting the amount of carbohydrates you consume. Limiting carbs, the body’s preferred energy source, forces the body to turn to an alternative fuel- stored fat. Therefore, this can be why you are losing the weight (although there has been research that says otherwise). However, you need carbohydrates for energy throughout the day. As one of the three major macronutrients, carbs do everything from supplying your body with energy to helping your internal organs function properly. While the Durkan Diet can certainly help you lose weight, it has been met with some controversy. The Durkan diet may be an effective way to lose weight but it can also produce negative health effects so you should always consult a doctor before beginning any diet.



Kate was a college field hockey player, which taught her important training and nutritional principles that she used throughout her life.



Kate Middleton, who is believed to have a height of 5’10 and a weight of 120 lbs., has a true fitness and athletic background. She once rowed 20 miles in the English Channel and was the captain of her college field hockey team in addition to being a member of her college’s cross-country team.

Kate goes to the gym to workout for about an hour a day doing everything from training with the weights, playing squash, cycling, running, and yoga. She has a great athletic and slim body and looks great in everything from a bikini to a wedding dress!







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