Jason Statham Workout

Jason Statham wasn’t always as ripped as he is now. He always had muscular size because he worked hard in the gym and by being on the British olympic diving team. However, he never counted his calories. He said in an interview with Men’s Health, “I never gave a f-ck about a calorie. An apple? It’s good for me. I’d have five. Bananas? Eat the bunch.” Statham transformed his body to lose 17 pounds in just 6 weeks so he would reveal that shredded and ripped body. He had two rules for his workout routine: 1) never repeat the same workout and 2) always try to improve on a specific exercise.


Jason Statham’s workout routine is as follows:

A) Ten minute warm-up using the Concept2 Rowing Machine

B) Ten minutes at medium intensity doing the following:

1. Heavy lifting using compound movements like the front squat, deadlift, or power clean. He never does more than five reps at a time.
2. Short circuits of various exercises with light weights.
3. Various carrying exercises with kettlebells or sandbags.
4. A progression of about 15 kettlebell exercises.
5. Various throws with medicine balls.

C) Interval Training- Statham goes full out here for this brutal final stage. “You’re crying for air. It redlines the heart into oblivion,” he says. Statham picks six exercises and does them one after the other with a very short period and does the circuit again five times.


Statham defines the word intense. He is smart to do a 10 minute warm-up to make sure his body is fully warmed up. If you jump into an intense workout like that, you are extremely likely to pull a muscle or even worse. You never want to train a cold muscle and the rowing machine will get the blood flowing and get your muscles ready for an intense workout. You should also do a few weighted exercises to warm up the muscles as well. Statham also focuses mainly on compound workouts, which are the best types of workouts to build lean muscle mass since they emphasize multiple muscle groups at once. He sticks with five reps at a time to really build up his strength and power. He also uses kettlebells in his training. This ballistic exercise works your body as one unit and requires a great deal of hard work. It also utilizes different muscle groups than you are used to. His huge emphasis on high intensity training really explains such a lean physique.

Jason Statham’s diet plan consists of 2,000 calories a day, staying away from refined sugar, flour, booze, fruit juices, bread, or pasta. He has plain yogurt and fresh fruit every night as his treat and he makes sure he spreads out the calories in six portioned meals a day. He eats egg whites, vegetables, lean meats, fish, nuts, and protein shakes. He supplies his body with six portioned meals a day to keep a steady supply of nutrients throughout the day.

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