How to Use Resistance Bands to Lose Weight

Effectively losing weight comes down to a simple formula: burning more calories than you consume. Cardiovascular exercise which lasts at least 20 to 30 minutes is a good method for eating up stored fat.

However, combining cardio exercises with exercise bands will drop the weight faster as well as provide muscle growth and body tone via resistance training. Adding a vigorous fitness tube training session with cardio will also help to increase your body’s metabolism which works to eat away body fat for hours after your resistance band workout is over.

Use Appropriate Resistance Bands

When shopping for resistance bands, be sure to get a set that will provide the most benefit at the best value. The best exercise bands for resistance training should come in sets of various resistance strengths. This is because not every exercise or body part requires the same amount of resistance.

Also, the set should include a door anchor for more convenient attachment while in the home, office, or hotel during business trips and vacations. It is also advisable to get a set that allows you to attach numerous bands to one set of handles so that you can increase the amounts of resistance as you advance in your resistance band training. Ankle straps are also a plus, allowing you to work out the lower body with ease.

Circuit Training

Circuit training is the best way to maximize weight loss in any exercise program. Therefore, when performing a resistance band workout, complete a series of at least 5 exercises in a row without taking a break between.

Also, you normally want to perform 10 to 12 repetitions of each exercise before moving onto the next. Once you complete the entire circuit, rest for a short 60 seconds before repeating the circuit. You should work to complete the circuit at least three times.

Include Aerobic Exercise

If you want to increase weight loss, add aerobic exercises at the end of each resistance band circuit before starting to work through it again. Aerobics should be done immediately after your last circuit exercise and before resting. This will help increase your heart rate, thereby raising your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn fat.

There are a number of aerobic exercises which you can use during this period and you can break the monotony by changing them after each fitness tube circuit. Perform jumping jacks, lunges, high kicks, jump rope and others for 30 seconds immediately after your circuit and before your 60 second rest period.

If you stick with your resistance band workout with added cardio exercises, you should see a significant difference in weight loss as well as muscle tone within a few short weeks.

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