How to Reduce Back Fat

Fat surrounding the waist is more than mere belly fat. Body fat also accumulates in the mid and lower sections of the back which adds to the bulge of those love handles. Therefore, exercises to strengthen the back are necessary to tighten up back muscles, cardio exercises are used to help reduce fat stores and a nutritious diet provides what the body requires to stay healthy and eliminate fat buildup.

The Right Type of Exercise

The back consists of upper, middle and lower muscles. Exercises that strengthen and tone the back should target those muscle groups. Also, the amount of weight used should be consistent with proper back muscle development. Using too much weight can lead to back strain and injury while using too little weight won’t effectively build back muscles.

It’s best to start out with an easily manageable weight for back exercises and then gradually increase the weight as you build, strengthen and tone them. Not only does gradual weight increase build strong muscle fibers, but it also best utilizes your muscle’s calorie burning attributes. You know when you should increase weight when the back exercises can be completed with minimal effort. Simply increase the increment of the weight by a pound or two until it provides a challenge for your muscles.

You also want to add aerobic exercise to your back exercise program. Including a 30 minute cycling or treadmill session into your strength training workout will help your body to burn off some of those excess fat reserves, allowing you to reduce both back fat and belly fat more rapidly. For optimum results, spend 30-minute session on an elliptical trainer which works out the upper as well as the lower body.

 Modify Your Diet

Continuing to eat fatty foods during your back exercise program will severely hinder results and pack the flab back on after workouts. You need to modify your diet by reducing such foods and replacing them with nutritious substitutes that better build muscle, increase energy and reduce fat stores.

Help to minimize back fat by designing a nutritious diet filled with healthy foods that are high in lean proteins and low in fats. A fat loss diet consists of lean meats, whole grains and fresh fruits and vegetables.

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