How to Lower Estrogen Levels

As men, we need to keep increase testosterone high and learn ways of how to lower estrogen levels, so we can build more muscle and lose more fat. Many men are surprised to learn that the male body naturally produces a small amount of estrogen just as women produce a small amount of testosterone. However, excessive amounts of estrogen in men can cause a variety of complications such as an increase in fatty tissue and weight gain (especially around the abdomen and chest), loss of muscle mass, lower sex drive, prostate enlargement (with some current studies link to prostate cancer), tenderness in the breasts (and even male breast cancer), loss of hair (body-wide) and a higher voice.

Some causes of elevated estrogen in men come from medical conditions such as aging, Klinefelter’s syndrome, testicular cancer or tumor, or pituitary gland disease. However, there are other causes which increase estrogen levels and are more controllable by the individual via a healthy diet and exercise.

Ways to Lower Estrogen in Men

Here are 10 ways to lower estrogen levels in men:

    Avoid Eating Processed Foods – Foods processed by large, corporate companies contain a variety of unhealthy chemicals and other artificial ingredients that can elevate estrogen levels as well as cause other health problems.
    Try to Stick with Organic Foods – Eat organic meats, fruits and vegetables as much as possible and here’s why: Meat and dairy products which come from commercial farms contain drugs and artificially induced hormones which can increase estrogen as well as cancer and heart disease. Commercially grown fruits and vegetables are also commonly treated with chemicals and pesticides which can damage your health and cause your body to increase estrogen levels. CAUTION: Because of the higher prices gained from such foods, many places call their foods “organic” when, in actuality, they are not. Try to get your foods from a trusted farmer’s market or other local source.
    Limit Fish Intake – Fish is another product which stores bad elements in its fat easily such as estrogen, mercury and other harmful elements. For this reason, limit the amount of fish you eat, avoid cuts from larger species of fish which hold more toxins in their tissue and make sure the fish that you do eat come from clean water sources.
    Drink Purified Water and Avoid Plastic Containers – Studies have found high levels of estrogen in many U.S. water supplies which comes from the urination of millions women taking birth control pills. This excess estrogen finds its way into drinking water sources and other elements of the food chain such as plants and animals which consume the contaminated water. Also, certain chemicals used in the making of plastic containers have been linked to health problems and higher estrogen levels. Therefore, drink only purified water and avoid drinking (or eating) out of plastic containers.
    Eat Plenty of Vegetables from the Cruciferous Family – Studies have proven that vegetables in the cruciferous family decrease estrogen levels. Therefore, eat good helpings of such vegetables as cabbage, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, collard greens and kale.
    Add a Lot of Citrus Fruits to Your Diet – Citrus fruits, like cruciferous vegetables, have been proven to help reduce estrogen amounts in the body.
    Eat More Seeds and Nuts – It has been shown that men who eat regular servings of nuts and seeds can lower estrogen and increase virility.
    Avoid Drinking Too Much Alcohol – Alcoholic beverages, especially beer, increases the conversion of testosterone into estrogen in fat cells. Also, alcohol blocks the liver from breaking down and eliminating excess estrogen. If you do drink, only do so once in awhile, drink small amounts and choose liquor over beer.
    Lose Weight – One of the best ways to stop your body from producing high amounts of estrogen is to reduce your body fat. Men should strive to decrease and maintain body fat levels to 15% or less.
    Exercise Correctly – Participating in a regular exercise program has been proven to both decrease levels of estrogen and increase levels of testosterone in the body. However, in order to stimulate your body sufficiently to reach these goals, you should participate in high intensity workouts like what are represented in the MP45 program.

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