Level Up Your Relationship: Bring Her to the Gym

Ever thought about making your next romantic outing a gym date? Training with a partner isn’t just good for keeping you motivated at the gym. Also, you might be able to improve your relationship.

Fitness isn’t about just the physical stuff, or the mental/emotional stuff. Rather, it’s everything coming together to make you feel amazing. So if training already makes you feel good, you’re going to love the possible benefits that come with bringing along your significant other to train with you.


And not just because you’re physically training side-by-side: you’ll feel more emotionally connected, too. There’s something to be said for two people supporting each other in such an interactive way. She’s not just cheering you on from the sidelines: she’s right there with you, sweating it out just like you are. You might even start mirroring each others’ movements without realizing it, putting you in almost perfect sync. That’s deep.

All these things combined create a unique (and very personal) bond between the two of you – one you likely won’t share with anyone else.


Working out with a romantic partner can actually make you love them more. Let’s just call it “psychological arousal.” Not only having a common training goal, but working toward it together as well, increases feelings of attraction for both of you.

Think about it: you already have a good time on other kinds of dates (to the movies, out to dinner). Spending time together makes you feel good, and that’s outside the gym. Add that extra boost of endorphins that comes from working out … you won’t be able to stop smiling at her. Or thinking about how much you enjoy being with her.


Believe it or not, this is all backed by science. Physiologically, exercise shares symptoms with arousal (not the psychological kind this time). Your palms sweat; your breathing becomes more shallow; your heart starts racing. Also, physical activity in general improves circulation, which leads to improved blood flow. Which is, you know. Helpful.

This all just sets you up for better sex, obviously. As a result, it’s not a guarantee. But who cares: probability is enough in this case.

So there’s really no downside to working out with your partner. If she lifts more than you, doesn’t that just make you love her even more?




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