How Do I Reduce Muscle Soreness?

I have received numerous questions about my MP45 Program so I will be answering these questions throughout the website. I am sure many of you have the same kinds of questions so I want to address them in as much detail as possible. I have received unbelievable amounts of positive feedback and transformation stories. I can’t thank you all enough for your support. You all define the term “Muscle Prodigy” in your own special way. If you haven’t checked out MP45, you can find it HERE


Question from Jesse:

Hi Jaret,

I have a problem with muscle soreness after I lift a specific muscle group, which sometimes is 2-3 days after I lift. For example, I did chest on Monday and I’m still sore today. I take a multi-vitamin and a protein shake but it does not seem to help the soreness. I have also tried stretching before and after workouts and muscle specific plymetric workouts after my regular routine too, but nothing works. Do you have any insight as to how I can not be sore sore after a lift?


Answer from Jaret Grossman, Creator of MP45:

Soreness isn’t such a bad thing. It usually is a sign that you presented your body with something it’s not used to, which often leads to adaptation and muscle growth. However, if it’s hindering your workouts then stretching directly after you’ve worked the muscle for like 10 minutes after will help. Also, do something like a jog for 15 mins after your workout. This will help promote bloodflow and flush out the toxins and lactic acid. Going into the sauna or steamroom will also help since the heat will relax the muscles. Go in there for like 15 minutes after your workout. As far as supplements go, you can take 5 grams of glutamine after your workout and also in the morning to alleviate some soreness. Take fish oil and CLA at night, which can help ease inflammation.



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