How an Exercise Program Helps Beat a Bad Economy

An extended sluggish economy, such as what we’re experiencing, can be a pathological pain, literally. Hard times can cause a souring of moods which, if left to simmer, can contribute to physical and mental illness, thereby deteriorating the quality of life even further. A recent survey backs up study statistics that imply when a country or area is economically depressed, so are the majority of its inhabitants. Euro RSCG Worldwide, a market research firm based in New York, released results of their survey which revealed that 45 percent of men and 33 percent of women responded that their moods were adversely affected by the current economic crisis.

How to Fight the Blues

When an uncontrollable situation arises such as this, you basically have two choices. One, you give into the gloomy forecasts. Or, two, you fight the dive into depression until the light of recovery shines through the darkness.

One proven way to keep your head above the clouds of despair is through exercise. In the same mentioned survey, 39 percent of all respondents replied that they participated in exercise programs to beat the blues. This backs up other studies which have found that regular bouts of exercise will relieve troublesome stress and improve your overall mood. A recent Boston University study even suggests that faithful fitness programs work to alleviate depression just as effectively as some medications.

How an Exercise Program Beats Depression

One of the major elements in depression, especially in a poor economy, is the feeling of helplessness; that you have absolutely no power to change the gloomy circumstances that surround you. Therefore, one of the best ways to keep from being sucked into the black hole of despair is to focus on something positive in your life instead and an exercise program is a good choice.

There are some very scientifically proven ways that fitness routines help to combat depression. • Exercise provides an outlet to release stored frustration and tension • Exercise provides something positive to focus on which relieves anxieties by caused by negative thoughts. • Exercise creates feelings of well-being and happiness through the release of such chemicals as serotonin, norepinephrine and dopamine (the same endorphins released after sex). • Exercise increases self-esteem and confidence which allow daily adverse situations to be more easily overcome.

Choosing the Best Exercise Program

The best exercise program for helping you to overcome depression is basically the one which you enjoy the most. If you despise jogging then forcing yourself to run everyday will probably cause more stress than it relieves. Therefore, get involved in a sport, aerobic activity, or weight training program that you really enjoy and will stick with.

The thing to keep in mind is that you want to get your heart rate elevated for at least 20 to 30 minutes through an activity that makes you fully exert yourself. Full exertion is necessary in order for the “happy drugs” to be released and for your mind and body to fully relax. Taking along an exercise partner will make the experience even more enjoyable.

A regular strength training program is the perfect option to get your mind off of the negative economy and onto a positive change in your life. So, instead of wrestling with the thoughts of things you cannot change, you shift your energy to overcome unhealthy habits and win the prize of a healthy lifestyle.

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