Hit the Gym, Stupid!

If you are looking to get super jacked and as strong as humanly possible, don’t workout from home. Turn off those workout DVDs like P90X and forget about using that small dumbbell rack in your basement. Unless you literally have all the equipment that a gym has (I doubt it), don’t even think about working out from home.  And yes, I said it…please ditch the DVD player with all those workout DVDs you have! You think that’s going to turn you into a workout freak, the kind that all your friends envy? You think moving around in your living room will get you the same results as going full throttle at the gym? Yes, home-based workout programs like P90X are built on convenience and they do work. They will get you a better physique than what you already had. However, if we are talking about strictly reaching your FULL genetic potential then you need to take it one step further. In my opinion, these are just shortcuts.

Let’s be real. Any form of resistance placed on the muscle will lead to some sort of hypertrophy (muscle growth). It’s just proven science. Even working out for a few minutes a day is certainly more beneficial than doing nothing at all.

Let’s use two people. Person A does the P90X program for exactly 90 days, doing low weight dumbbells and mainly resistance bands. Now compare him with Person B. Person B goes to the gym consistently doing mainly compound movements and heavier weight, using the principles of High Intensity Stimulation Training (H.I.S.T.), the main principle in the MP45 program. Who will come out on top? Muscle Prodigy can guarantee you that Person B, the MP45 user, will gain better results, doing so in half the time.

As I said before, in order to build muscle, you must lift weights that are heavy enough to trigger the trauma-and-repair process. In order to increase muscle mass, stress must be placed on the body, leading to hormone release, and increased flow of nutrients into the muscle. With proper rest, the muscles will grow.

Using low weight dumbbells and resistance bands won’t build real lean muscle mass because it doesn’t put that true stress on the body, the kind that needs to target the fast twitch muscle fibers. You should certainly incorporate these lower weight and more bodyweight types of workouts every so often because it’s always good to bring variety to your routine. Nevertheless, these kinds of workouts should never be the basis of your training regimen.

There are two main types of muscle fibers in the body: slow twitch and fast twitch fibers. Slow twitch fibers are used the most during endurance type exercise and don’t have the ability to really grow. On the other hand, fast twitch muscle fibers have much more capability to grow in both muscular size and strength. In order to really target these muscle fibers, you need to do short and intense bursts in the form of exercise. You need full resistance the entire length of the set, struggling at the last few reps, going to true failure. That’s the way to grow. There’s nothing better.

Remember, getting to the gym is only half the battle. You made the most important step: getting off your ass and stepping foot in the gym. Now you need a plan of action, a breakdown of everything you need to do. With the MP45 Program, created exclusively by Muscle Prodigy, you get a full 45 day step-by-step workout and diet plan. We give you all the exercises, reps, and sets for the full 45 days including every meal you should eat. It’s a very simple approach. Everything is mapped out for you. All you need to do is follow it for 45 days and you will see some of the best changes of your life. We guarantee it! Try it today!



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