Herbalife Nutrition Partners With The UN

Herbalife Nutrition Partners With The UN, Leads Panel On Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development

Herbalife has always been a company that wanted to promote good health all over the world, and with a recent announcement, they have taken that goal one step further. A few weeks ago, the company came forward to state that they would be the corporate partner with the United Nations for their Responsible Business Forum on Sustainable Development. This is the third consecutive year that the United Nations is hosting this event, and aims to help brands and corporates evolve into more sustainable practices that are good for the environment.

The Forum which was held on the 11th and 12th of October featured some of the most notable names within the company. One of the prominent speakers at this event was Tod Gimbel, who stands as the Head of Government Affairs for the company. One of the core points that he wanted to cover in this forum was how the company has worked towards promoting good health and fitness. This was a goal that was mainly achieved through the numerous nutrition clubs that are situated across the world. There was also a subsequent panel discussion in which the executive spoke about the partnerships that the company had entered into while trying to achieve this goal.

One of the reasons why the company stands as an icon of sustainable development is because the business model that has been adopted. The main focus of the company has always been the health and nutritional aspect of the products that they offer. To this effect, the brand has been able to take on numerous ventures through which they have been able to spread the word about the importance of staying healthy and fit. Nutrition education was a large part of this business model, and the company wanted to be able to reach a large mass of people. For this purpose, they decided to partner with nutritional clubs at a grassroots level, which facilitated the engagement that the company wanted. By engaging people in programs, seminars, workshops, and other activities, the company was able to promote a fit and healthy lifestyle, which individuals can achieve through good exercise and a healthy diet.

Finding local Nutrition Clubs around the world is the route that the company decided to take. Because of the presence that these nutrition clubs already had, the brand knew that they would be able to reach a much bigger customer base. Through these, they also tried to incorporate access to good nutrition through the wide range of products that they sell. The manner in which they were able to achieve this interest in their products was by offering individual serving potions at reduced rates. By giving them a small portion of the product, at a reduced price, the company was able to gain the trust of customers and was able to satisfy the needs of those who were interested in their products.

About Herbalife Nutrition

For the past thirty-eight years, the company has stood as a global leader whose primary goal was to offer products that could help people achieve good health. The products that they provided were designed not only to have good physical effects but a good impact on the mental state of the person as well. Through their unique business model, the brand was able to engage audiences, not just in their home country, but across the world. Today, the company is operational in more than ninety countries and has plans to expand to more in the future.

The company is also actively engaged in a number of socially beneficial programs that work to improve the lives of people all over the world. One example of this is the Herbalife Foundation which has a number of programs that help educate children on the impact that good nutrition can have on their lives.

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