Guys, You Might Not Need As Much Protein As You Thought

Do men with more muscle need more post-workout protein? It turns out more muscle mass does not mean higher protein intake is necessary for muscle growth. You might not need as much protein as you thought.

Health and exercise scientists from Scotland’s University for Sporting Excellence conducted a study comparing post-workout protein intake among males with more muscle mass to those with less muscle mass. They found that even when both groups consumed the same amount of protein after intense full-body workouts, there was no difference in the amount of muscle growth.

While there’s no specific recommendation on how much protein you actually need (it depends on the workout, which muscle groups are being exercised, etc.), more protein still has more muscle-building benefits than less. You just don’t need to base the amount of protein you consume post-workout on how big you are.


MP’s Take: Don’t believe everything you hear about protein and muscle mass. We might not know everything about it, but you shouldn’t overload on protein even if you’ve been training for awhile. If you exercise consistently and perform a specific workout regimen, as you gain muscle mass, you can keep your protein intake the same. Once you have your workout routine, supplement regimen and post-workout diet in order, stick with it as you grow stronger and you’ll still see results.



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