Get Explosive Leg Power via This Circuit of Plyometric Exercises

Plyometrics is a form of exercise that trains muscle nerves and fibers to react quicker through rapid, explosive movements. Athletes involved in various sports are benefited by practicing plyometric exercises, often giving them the edge needed to outperform the competition. Since plyometrics utilizes explosive movements to achieve results, you can also benefit your cardiovascular health by executing certain exercises in a circuit workout.

Performing plyometrics in a circuit-style format will increase your endurance as well as muscle strength and rapid reponse.

Use the following three plyometric exercises to create such a circuit, completing a full set of each exercise before moving to the next. You should work through the plyometric and cardio circuit three times.

Box Steps

This exercise requires a plyometric step or other solid and secure platform that is approximately 24 inches tall. Begin by facing the box and placing one foot on the box and the other remaining on the ground. Crouch down slightly and explode up and off the ground foot, using the opposite arm for momentum. Quickly change feet and step down with the first foot, lowering into a crouch position once it touches the ground and repeat. Each foot should be used 50 times to complete the set.

Box Jumps

You will use the same plyometric box or step as in the Box Step exercise. Stand facing the box with both feet on the ground, feet spread apart about shoulder width. Keep your back straight, bend at the knees into a squat position and explode up and onto the box, using your arms for momentum. Once you land on the box, quickly jump back off again, going directly into a squat position and explode back up onto the box. Continue until you have completed 50 repetitions.

Hurdle Hops

For this exercise, you will need four plyometric hurdles or other objects which can be used as hurdles that are approximately 30 inches tall. Set each hurdle in a straight line and approximately four feet apart. Begin by standing about two feet from the first hurdle. Crouch down into a squat position and jump over the first hurdle, landing about halfway between it and the second hurdle. As soon as you land on both feet, go immediately into a squat and jump over the next hurdle. Repeat until you complete hopping over all four hurdles and then immediately turn around and repeat back to where you started. This will complete one repetition. Continue until you complete 10 full reps.

Completing all three plyometric exercises counts as one set. You should rest no more than 60 seconds between exercises and sets, completing three full sets of the plyometric circuit. Do this circuit at least three times per week for maximum benefits.

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