Everything You Need to Know About Getting Ripped

So you’re looking to get ripped, right? Well, I’m sure you’ve searched hundreds of articles and looked at dozens of magazines only to find yourself more lost than when you first started. So you start digging for answers…How many reps should I do? Should I lift heavy or light? Should I run or should I walk? Should I eat carbs or no carbs? Should I eat lots of protein? Should I avoid fat all together? Well, here are the tips that will set you up to get the best physique of your life. Simple and easy. No more BS. Follow these tips. They are big and bold so that it’s pretty loud and blaring what you should do.


 -Stop the treadmill expedition and hit the weights.

Hit each bodypart once to twice a week.

-Train intensely and go to failure on each set.

-Connect with your muscle rather than trying to get the weight up.  

-Vary your rep schemes, tempo, weight used, and exercises throughout each workout.

-Do 12-20 sets per bodypart, depending on the size of the bodypart. 

-Rest between sets until you get your breath back, but hit your next set within 30-90 seconds.

-Workout with weights at least 4 days a week. 

-Don’t let your workouts linger much longer than an hour after you warm up properly. 

-Take a brisk walk after your weight routine for 15 minutes.

-If you were to pick any cardio exercise, do sprints. Sprint two to three days a week, no more than 30 minutes at a time.

-Take off one to two days from physical activity a week. 

-Cut your sodium intake to under 2000 mg a day.

-Sweat frequently to flush out retained water. Hit the sauna after you finish your workout. 

-Drink a gallon of water a day.

-Eat every 3 hours with high protein, light on the low glycemic index carbs, lots of vegetables, and a small amount of healthy fats.

-Easy on the oils and salt while cooking. No dressings. Use spices and a touch of olive oil.

-Have 3 light carb days, 3 moderate carb days, and high carb day each week. Vary them as you like. 

-Consume both protein and carbs before and after a workout.

-Have some black coffee or pre-workout supplement before the gym to get more out of your workouts. 

-Have cottage cheese and/or casein protein shake along with some nuts and decaffeinated tea before you go to bed. 

-Stay disciplined. 

Get Excited About Fitness. Get Moving on Your Goals.

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