How to Effectively Use Supplements to Lose Fat

Ridding yourself of unhealthy and unsightly body fat can be a grueling challenge that often ends in failure. Many people still gain weight or, at least, don’t realize much fat loss even when changing over to a lifestyle which includes more exercise and a weight loss diet. The good news is that you can boost fat loss efforts by utilizing high quality fat loss supplements. The following are the best types of fat loss supplements. Remember, always consult with a doctor before trying any type of supplement.

Appetite Suppressants – Fat loss supplements containing appetite suppressants are designed to lessen your cravings for food by reducing your hunger pangs and making you feel fuller for longer. The fewer calories you eat, the more your body will draw off of fat stores for its energy needs.

Thermogenic Fat Burners – This supplement works by raising your body temperature and metabolism so that it burns calories more efficiently, even while you are resting. Thermogenic fat loss supplements are also available as stimulant-free fat burners for those who prefer to avoid caffeine and other stimulant additives.

Thyroid Regulators – In many cases, imbalances in the thyroid cause the body to burn fat improperly. Therefore, thyroid supplements are beneficial for regulating thyroid function so your body is better able to use fat as fuel.

Pre-Workouts – Pre-workouts can help maximize energy and prime your body for muscle growth and fat loss. You might want to check out the best pre-workout for cutting.

Fitness is Key

The number one formula for getting rid of fat is no big secret. Fat consists of stored calories that are set aside to be used later as fuel. Therefore, you have to burn more calories than you consume in order to stimulate your body to burn fat reserves. You can either do this through eating less or working out more, but a combination of the two will get the best fat loss results. Regular exercise provides two vital advantages for losing fat. First, a rigorous exercise program causes you to accelerate your heart rate and metabolism which work to burn more energy. If you exercise consistently while eating a healthy diet then you will burn off much of your fat stores. Second, muscle burns more energy than any other body tissue. By building extra muscle through a strength training program, your muscular body will require more fuel to keep it going, even when you are simply carrying out daily tasks. Again, if you restrict your calorie intake to sources of nutritious foods then your body will draw off your fat stores instead of calorie-filled foods to meet its energy needs, thus reducing body fat. Also, by adding such exercise pre-workout supplements to your workout routine as glutamine, creatine and BCAAs, you supply your body with the energy it needs to perform a more intense exercise program, which will help accelerate fat cutting.

Eat Plenty of Protein

If fat is stored energy and muscle is the biggest consumer of energy then it stands to reason that the more muscular your physique, the faster you will burn fat. A diet high in protein will help you build muscle mass more rapidly and, thus, eliminate body fat faster as well. Also, protein is a macronutrient which is highly thermogenic, meaning it takes a great deal of energy just for your body to break it down into usable amino acids, much more so than for the breakdown of fats and carbs. By adding more protein to your healthy diet, you will burn more fat just through this biological process as well as help retain lean muscle during your fat burning diet.

Don’t Avoid Eating Fat!

Don’t avoid eating healthy fat, that is. Many people, when engaging in a fat burning diet, automatically believe that fat is the enemy and seek to eliminate all fats from their diet. The truth is that it’s calories that make you fat and not the fats in foods themselves. Unused calories are stored as fat for later fuel consumption and come mainly from simple carbs in sugars and white, processed flour foods. Fatty foods, on the other hand, play different roles. Foods containing bad saturated fat and trans fat can clog arteries, cause high blood pressure, increase cardiovascular disease, etc. and should be drastically reduced from your fat loss diet. However, monounsaturated fat and polyunsaturated fat are critical for keeping you healthy and should not be eliminated from your nutritious diet. Therefore, add more foods containing essential fatty acids which are plentiful in flax seed oil, fish oil and other EFA-rich foods.

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