Drinking Red Wine Can Equal an Hour in the Gym

If you hate going to the gym but love drinking red wine, this study will make your day.

Scientists at the University of Alberta in Canada found that the health benefits in resveratrol, a compound found in red wine, are similar to those we get from exercise. Researchers found that red wine has the same physical performance, heart function, and muscle strength benefits as working out for an hour. The findings are particularly helpful for those who are unable to exercise.

“I think resveratrol could help patient populations who want to exercise but are physically incapable. Resveratrol could mimic exercise for them or improve the benefits of the modest amount of exercise that they can do,” said leader researcher Jason Dyck.

The health benefits of red wine have been well documented over the years. Studies have shown that those who drink a glass of red wine a day have a decreased risk to develop dementia or cancer, that it’s good for your heart, has anti-ageing and antioxidant effects, and can regulate blood pressure.

Keep in mind, the study only applies to drinking red wine in moderation and researchers examined the effects on rats, not humans.


MP’s Take: These studies carry a lot of merit but people tend to get carried away with the true meaning of moderation. There is agreement in the scientific community about what defines “moderate drinking.” It’s no more than 3-4 standard drinks per drinking episode, no more than 9 drinks per week for women and 12-14 for men. Still, that seems on the high side. I think that if you want to reap the true health benefits of red wine, one glass every few days is ideal. The research on red wine speaks for itself; there are well-documented positive effects of resveratrol. It just comes down to maximizing those benefits and avoiding any possible risks. However, if you aren’t a wine drinker, have natural foods that are high in resveratrol. It’s found in foods such as peanuts, pistachios, grapes, blueberries, cranberries, and even cocoa and dark chocolate. At the end of the day, alcohol can still have devastating effects on your health so it’s important to limit yourself. A few glasses a week should really be your best bet. This study seems to be more focusing on people who are unable to workout and not necessarily people who are actively fit. If you are physically unable to workout, drinking wine can give you some satisfaction knowing you can get some benefits of exercise. However, don’t just think it’s acceptable to drink wine and skip the gym. There is nothing close to the real benefits of working out.




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