Do Your Weighted Abs for a Rock Hard & Visible Six Pack

Rock hard abs and a visible six pack are the goals of most men and women who hit the gym on a regular basis, but this result may be difficult for many to get unless weight is added to the exercises that target your abs. If you are not adding any weight to your ab workout then you are missing out on many benefits and you could end up eventually giving up if you do not see the expected progress for all of your efforts at the gym.

Performing your abdominal routine with weights will increase the resistance of your workout and provide better fat burning in the midsection. This can mean a six pack that is highly visible and incredibly detailed. Weights will also increase the muscle growth seen as long as the proper dietary requirements are met.

You will have a more difficult workout that targets the abdominal muscle groups more effectively and the intensity level for the session will be higher. All of these benefits are reasons to add weight to any ab workout, and they will help you get the six pack that you want without any setbacks or loss of motivation.


Increased Resistance

The addition of weight to any workout or routine will increase the resistance that is felt and this translates into better results. When the resistance is increased then your muscles must work harder in order to perform the same movements and this means more effort is required for the same workout. A common myth is that the abs are the hardest muscles to develop, those who do not get results are just using the wrong exercises and workout methods for their goals.


Better Fat Burning

One reason that a visible six pack is so hard to get is the layer of fat that covers the abdominal muscles. Even the best workout will not provide the desired six pack if you do not eliminate this fat layer so the definition can be seen. When you add weights to your routine then you will get better fat burning and help eliminate any excess fat that has settled in the midsection.

More weight means the muscles must work harder and will burn off more calories, and this can help make the abs more visible. Weights will also help boost your natural metabolic rate and this also means more calories are burned even when you are resting or sleeping. Weights can help you finally eliminate any fat layer that sits over the ab muscles.


Better Muscle Growth

Performing ab exercises with weight will cause the tissues to tear in more locations, and this is the beginning of the muscle building process. The weight will cause more tears to occur and may result in larger muscle growth and bigger gains in the same time period. These tears contribute to muscle growth because tissue is added when repairs are made. The same workout with weights will be far more effective than one without any additional weight.


More Difficult Workout

If you want to build mass and gain definition in your abs so that you get a six pack then you will need to push yourself and workout very hard. Adding weight to your ab sessions can help you with these objectives and make sure that your workout is grueling. You will quickly notice a difference in the effort needed when you first add even light weight to your exercises.


Higher Intensity Level

High intensity routines will increase endurance and provide better results from your time at the gym. When you add weights to your ab workout you will increase the level of intensity and build up the ab muscle groups faster. This can help you get visible results in less time, and that can provide motivation to keep hitting the gym.

Getting a great six pack is not easy but it is possible when you are wiling to add weights to your ab workout. If you are not doing this then you are not getting the maximum possible results and you may not reach your fitness goals. Most physical fitness experts and bodybuilding professionals recommend adding weight for your ab workout the same way you would when you workout other muscle groups.

If you have any injuries or pre existing conditions then you may need to seek the advice of a physician before you add weights to any routine or change your fitness activities. For most people adding weights will provide more effective training and give you better results though.




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