Disabled Athletes Rise Above the Occasion

This is an amazing video and really teaches a valuable life lesson. Most of us are fortunate to have our full health yet we aren’t satisfied. There’s people without arms and legs in this world that are under much more difficulty to complete everyday tasks. Look at athletes for example. There are runners without legs or wrestlers missing both legs. Yet, these people perservere under the most difficult of circumstances. For those of us that have full health, we should be fortunate for what we have because others may not be. If we are having a bad day, be thankful for everything in this world provided to you, no matter how bad you think you have it. These handicapped athletes are inspirational. Whether you think you are going to fail a test, miss the game winning shot or even nervous to talk on stage, realize that anything is truly possible. I have an unbelievable respect and admiration for these handicapped athletes who can rise above the occasion and reach their goals when faced with adversity.

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