Chicken Soup Cures Colds

Your mom or grandma probably always told you that chicken soup will make you feel better when you were sick. However, did they actually know why? It’s not some sort of myth. Chicken soup does boast some pretty impressive healing powers and can cure colds. A study published in the journal Chest examined the effect of chicken soup on the respiratory systems on healthy individuals.

The research confirmed that eating chicken soup significantly reduced white blood cell activity. White blood cell response causes the respiratory symptoms of the common cold. It seems that chicken soup is the ultimate cold remedy. Not only does soup affect the white blood cell activity but it assists in many other things. The heat from the soup can assist in opening up clogged nostrils and relaxes and soothes the body. In addition, soup has plenty of vegetables for some added nutrition.

For example, beta carotene is in the carrots that fight off infection and viruses. The onions used in the soup have antioxidants that are related to antihistamines, keeping nasal passages open. The chicken in the soup provides an ideal source of protein and amino acids, which are crucial for building and repairing cells and allowing your body to heal. Not to mention, soup can help keep you hydrated. So the next time you have a cold or feel one creeping up on you, make that chicken soup and get your rest.

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